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B-day dinner for 12-15, spanish/tapas...

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  • jbone Mar 9, 2010 01:12 PM
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I am trying to put together a b-day for 12-15 ppl, looking to stay around the LES/Soho/E Villagae area as we are going out around Soho afterward-
looking for a fun place, that will not mind if we are a loud group
I wanted to go to Sala, but they will only do a pre-fixe with a reservation at 7 pm, which is not going to work- taking a reservation is a must-
I am open to other types of food, if someone has a good suggestions as well-
I tossed around stanton social, but I think it might be on the high end of what ppl are going to want to pay-
any thoughts? thanks

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  1. haven't been in ages, but how about 1492 on clinton street?

    1. what about Mercat or Rayuela?

      Also look at Olivas and Macondo, neither of which I truly love.