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Rancatore's moving

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Just found out that Rancatore's is moving to Belmont Center April 8. Last day in it's old location is March 20. Sorry to see it move out of the neighborhood.

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    1. Sad about this too. It's the first I've heard of it. But at least they're staying...and staying open...in Belmont!

      1. well, if Joe can afford the rents in Belmont Center, I hope that means that he's doing well, so more power to him.Nice guy.

        1. Oh wow, this is a huge blow! I was just saying to my daughter last night . . . "pretty soon it'll be great out and we can walk to Ranc's after dinner again!" Seriously, I think my husband will wear black today after I tell him this . . . one of the highlights of our 'hood. But happy for Belmont Center, b/c 1) it's generally a wasteland of banks and 2) I cannot stand TCBY and 3) more foot traffic for Ranc's.


          1. Sorry for you guys ... but yay for me! Finally a worthy sweet treat in the center.

            1. Wow. Belmont Center has gone from having 3 ice cream stores in the 80s (Bailey's, Brigham's, Baskin-Robbins), to only a TCBY (ugh). Good to see motion back in the right direction. Ranc's is a fair bit better than any of its predecessors, though Bailey's was very good. (History lesson over.)

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                I believe that Chocolate Dream (across from TCBY) has (real) ice cream - may just be chocolate, though. Anyone know where in Belmont center Rancatores is moving?

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                  It's moving to where Elite bebe used to be. Next to the Cambridge Savings Bank. Across from the Sovereign Bank and Down the street from the Bank of America...

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                    I was kinda hoping that a bank or pharmacy chain would go into that spot - we are sadly lacking those services in Belmont Center. Maybe we'll get one in the Barnes and Noble space.

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                        or a women's boutique with overpriced cheaply made clothes.

              2. Damn it! We just bought a house around the corner from the present location.

                1. Thanks to Rancatore's for putting their money where their mouth is by investing in the greatly under-appreciated Belmont Center. Undoubtedly, your delicious creamy confections and enthusiasm will be well received after years of Belmont Center being with out a decent ice cream joint! Go Joe go!

                  1. Just had a perfect scoop of coffee ice cream at the just opened Rancatore's. When I say perfect, I mean perfect... not too sweet, just voluptuous enough and a great bitter edge from the coffee.

                    So it was a little early in the day for ice cream. It's noon somewhere, right? Who's ready for a nap?

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                      I second that emotion. Can't wait to check out the new location!

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                        So, wait.....There's no Ranc's in Lexington center anymore [sob]?
                        Oh, wait again.. they've moved their Belmont location into the center, they're not leaving Lexington... Thank [insert deity here].

                    2. FYI they have moved and are open for business. I don't like ice cream (I know, I know) but my wife and kids have been and said it is as good as ever.

                      1. I looked at the building permit in the old Ranc's location today -- the bridal shop next door is expanding into that space. I was really hoping for a replacement ice cream shop! But alas, it is not to be.

                        1. BTW, ice cream jones drove me out to Belmont the other day -
                          Had a scoop of zagnut (!) that was just awesome. I always thought it was just a made-up candy bar from Beetlejuice.

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                            Oh my god the Zagnut is worth going out of your way for! Based on what that candy bar is, I didn't I'd go so crazy for it. Definitely the winning flavor for the summer.