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Classic Buffalo food rec needed

shorts Mar 9, 2010 12:46 PM

My brother in law is coming to visit next week, and every time he comes we take him to a favorite Buffalo institution, or maybe just a place that knows how to serve good food.

Past places have been:
Amy's Place
Louie's on Elmwood

So, we're looking for places that serve cheap, good food.
This time we are looking for someplace in Kenmore/Northtowns. Figure we want to take him by Paula's donuts as well.

Any good ideas? Thanks!

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    RosemaryHoney Mar 10, 2010 06:26 AM

    Vizzie's is my recommendation if you're looking for greasy. But I also second Suzie's BBQ. I'm from the deep south and my past few visits have convinced me it's the best BBQ around - especially if they are serving on fresh rolls, and not the mini-buns they sometimes use when they run out of rolls. Another good spot is the Viking Lobster Co, which I think gets forgotten about but can be a great snapshot of the Black Rock Buffalo community with some tasty food served up, as well.

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      houdini Mar 9, 2010 01:43 PM


      Either site should get you started.......

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      1. re: houdini
        shorts Mar 9, 2010 04:00 PM

        I know about both those guides. I was hoping for people on here to give their opinions of just good, homey, greasy food. Rappaport's guide is a little too m uch for me here...want guidance!

        1. re: shorts
          houdini Mar 9, 2010 07:40 PM

          OK. Specifics - Try Vizzie's on Kenmore Avenue (for burgers or Beef on Weck), Orchid Asian Bistro on Elmwood for Thai/Asian, Torches on Kenmore (everything) Or Suzy-Q's BBQ on River Road.

          1. re: shorts
            jerryc123 Mar 10, 2010 01:36 AM

            Cheap good food in Kenmore/Northtowns, huh?
            Santasiero's would have been at the top of my list too.
            If we discuss outside of classic Buffalo institution's, then this thread could get long.

            Just off the top of my head...
            Romano's Bakery for Italian dessert.
            Romeo and Juliet's for Pizza, and dessert.
            Lone Star for fajitas.
            Next to Torches, is Franco's pizza. Pizza is a good example of Buffalo-style. Medium thick crust, sweet sauce, not skimpy on the toppings.
            You mentioned Louies, but you didn't mention Ted's, which would be on my list.

            shorts: your profile lists Hoboken as your hometown, are you new to Buffalo?

            Romeo And Juliet's Caffe and Bakery
            1292 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

            Romano's Italian Bakery
            725 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14233

            Santasiero's Restaurant
            1329 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14213

            Franco's Pizza and More
            1153 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

            Lone Star Grille
            1853 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

            Ted's Jumbo Red Hots
            2312 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150

            1. re: jerryc123
              shorts Mar 10, 2010 05:03 AM

              Jerry - Yeah, I'm new...well, sorta. Moved last fall, but know of the area from school.

              I've been to Lone Star a few times and I feel like the quality has suffered a bit.
              Ted's isn't a bad idea.

              I've taken him to the Bar Bill for Beef on Weck, but maybe I should try Vizzie's? Are there any other really good tavern's/pubs between the airport and the elmwood area?

              1. re: shorts
                dudleyanne2 Mar 10, 2010 06:51 AM

                Brennan's on main & transit would be a good place for two guys to go for Buffalo food. A lot of beer and a really good beef on weck. Across the street is the Brewpub, they have a LOT of beer choices too. Both of these places are not far from the airport.

                1. re: shorts
                  jerryc123 Mar 11, 2010 04:45 AM

                  I haven't been to Lone Star in about six months. What, specifically, is going downhill? I remember that the prices had gone up a bit last time I was there, so it was not as inexpensive as I remember, but the food was still good.

                  dudleyanne2 mentioned Brennan's and Buffalo Brewpub, which I would also highly recommend. Not 'between' the airport and Elmwood Village, actually north of the airport by Eastern Hills mall. Both of these places say "Buffalo" to me. The food at the Brewpub is passable tavern fare, nothing is fanatastic, wings are decent. Their brewpub fries are very good. The appeal here is the incredible number of beer taps they have, (probably the best in Buffalo) great place to take a craft beer enthusiast. Free popcorn and peanuts.
                  Brennan's is darker, with more old wood inside, even if it is in a strip plaza, you feel like you're in an old tavern. Food is good. Someone, in the Best Beef-On-Weck thread, said the their sandwich was the best. This place is owned by the same people that own Cole's on Elmwood.

                  Brennan's Bowery Bar and Restaurant
                  4401 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221

                  Buffalo Brew Pub
                  6861 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

                  Lone Star Grille
                  1853 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

                  1. re: jerryc123
                    shorts Mar 11, 2010 05:30 AM

                    I guess with Lone Star, you get what you paid for. No heat (had to wear winter jackets while we ate), and the food just seemed to lack flavor. Granted I've only been there twice, but I was so looking forward to the last trip after my first one...I loved it so much initially. Maybe it's worth a 3rd trip?

                    1. re: shorts
                      jerryc123 Mar 11, 2010 08:52 PM

                      Having plastic lawn furniture indoors, a decrepit bathroom, and a screen door that doesn't fully close, is part of the romance of eating at Lone Star!
                      Well, okay, I can live with the dive atmosphere if the food is good, and it always was.

                      Some friends of mine gently corrected me tonight. It seems I may have mis-spoke when I said Buffalo brewpub probably had the best selection of draft beers in Buffalo. They may have the most pulls, but some of the pulls are doubled up or not working. My friends seemed to think that Cole's and/or Goodbar's would be in the running for that title instead.

                      Cole's Restrnt
                      1104 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

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