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Maine Shrimp

I just wanted to pass along that C Mart on Washington Street has beautiful, fresh-looking Maine shrimp with heads on for $1.99/lb. I can't wait for supper!

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  1. Wow. I thought I was lucky to score them for $4.99/lb at Whole Foods this week. They were lovely sweet little buggers, but without heads. A shame, because I do like to suck out the sweet brainz like a zombie.

    1. Wow! Rumor has it there are times in Maine you can get them by the side of the road for that price, but I never seen em in beantown at that price.

      1. What a deal - Roche Bros. has them for $3.99, sans brainz. I can't wait to get revenge on the commuter rail riders who interrupt my naps with their inane conversations with a sack o' pungent shrimp.

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        1. re: nsenada

          The key is to poke a small hole in the bag and dribble the juice on their legs...

          1. re: StriperGuy

            I hope I don't run afoul of the bioweapon-sniffing K-9 crews that sweep through periodically.

            1. re: nsenada

              Yeah getting water-boarded would suck.

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            The online Roche Bros ad says $5.99/lb for "Foley's Fresh Maine snaptail shrimp" until 3/11...


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              Hmm - might have been Sudbury Farms, I get them mixed up. I also might have gotten the price wrong. In any case, can't beat $1.99.

          3. Thanks. Small correction on this excellent tip. The price is $1.50 per lb! That is falling off the truck cheap. Bought a couple of pounds.

            1. I just thought I'd mention that I saw an ad for what look like live Maine shrimp, perhaps they're not from Maine but they look like the same type of shrimp:


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                Catalina is a well respected outfit that sort of made it's name by selling Santa Barbara sea urchin and overnighting it. I've never used them but friends have and been pleased.

                The link says U12..12 per lb.. much larger than the Maine shrimp; and from the West Coast..might be great but not from Maine

                1. re: 9lives

                  Thanks 9lives... now, if we discount by half (the head) that would give something like U24!

                  I have no idea what the count is for local Maine shrinp, could it be as much as U50?

                  I'd thought of ordering their uni, and got on their email list, when Courthouse started carrying uni trays.

              2. So what are people doing with them? Looking for recipe suggestions and cooking methods. I saw them at WF's and was considering bringing some home but I am not sure how to prepare them.

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                  lightly steamed then dipped in some soy sauce and black vinegar with ginger.
                  i usually don't bother peeling them. even better if you can get them head-on.

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                    Update. Agree they are too large for Maine shrimp but have that rosy color and paper thin shell. I'll try them tonight with soy, ginger and black vinegar as suggested.

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                        Sorry to report they were just OK. Taste was good but there was a mushy texture to them. Not the joy I was hoping for.

                        1. re: gourmaniac

                          You probably overcooked them, only cook them 2 minutes!

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                      My favorite is to eat them raw, sushi/sashimi style (ama-ebi, anyone?).

                      1. re: emannths

                        They are delicious that way but must be super duper fresh.

                    2. Checked out C-Mart on Lincoln Street yesterday before heading to Chinatown for lunch. Was hoping to find Maine shrimp but no luck. They did have several types of shrimp some with heads on. Is anybody familiar with the shrimp and which are best. I would think “Heads On” would be a plus but not sure. They also had some very small live shrimp in a styrofoam cooler. I assume these are fried and eaten whole?

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                        I was in the CMart on Washington yesterday and no Maine shrimp either. They did have med live shrimp for 13.99/lb..obviously head on...:) which I didn't buy this trip but have bought and lightly steamed them before..head on is a plus for me. I used SS's dipping sauce above.

                      2. Maine shrimp are available at Whole Foods and they are good.