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Mar 9, 2010 11:46 AM

SXSW Is Coming. Here's Where the Out of Towners Need to Go

Starting a thread for all the vacationers coming to whoop it up for SXSW.

Let's send them to some of the best spots in town. No phonus balonus like Chuys or some such nonsense. We'll leave that to the sites that offer muffler repair shops along side the food "reviews".

I reckon downtown should be the prime focus or perhaps a ten minute cab ride outside the city center.

I'll get the ball rolling with a nod to Mike's Pub, a downtown institution that can even baffle a local from time to time.

Where do y'all think the good people from parts unknown should dine whilst in Austin?

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  1. I'll be taking some guests from Nebraska to Smitty's in Lockhart, It's an ugly drive from Austin, but well worth it. remember to get there before noon if you want to get some prime rib.

    Every year there is a nice blend of locals and hipsters there during SXSW week.

    Smitty's Market
    208 S Commerce St, Lockhart, TX 78644

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    1. re: LazyMF

      Highbrow (ish): La Condesa, Mulberry, Olivia
      Quick Tex-Mex: Torchy's, Screaming Goat, El Pollo Rico (Get extra green salsa!)
      Trailer Scene: East Side King, ChilantroBBQ, La Boite and Odd Duck

    2. Sam's bbq at 230am and get some mutton. Be smart while on location though b/c it ain't the best area of town.

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        franklin bbq
        casino el camino
        chez nous

      2. Knocking back a fried egg sandwich at Parkside sounds like a good way to soak up some beer. Hanger steak and fries isn't too shabby either. A little pricey for every day, but if you stick to the bar menu, you can find some good grub. It's also stumbling distance from the Hilton!

        1. When you are on the West 6th side of the festival, why not take the short hike up Lavaca and get the XX at Texas Chili Parlor? It might be the closest you get to the XX next week anyway!

          Texas Chili Parlor
          1409 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701

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          1. Here's my list of near the Convention Center, tasty, and Austin-ish. I always try to make it out for some Lockhart BBQ or at least try to get out of downtown for at least one meal, but it can be difficult.

            Does anybody have a breakfast taco recommendation near 4th and Trinity? A replacement for Las Manitas?