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Mar 9, 2010 11:30 AM

Union or Watsui for dinner?

Based on quality of food which one should I choose for dinner?

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  1. Based on Food Alone, Union. I found the food at Watusi to be uncreative and not very satisfying. The food at Union on the other hand gets high marks based on my two visits. That being said the staff seem to carry an air of off-beat pretentiousness, which in my opinion doesn't really go with the fare or the location, and truthfully, although very good food - they're not that good. But if you can look past that, you should enjoy yourself.

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    1. re: mrbluemeanie

      Union. Ignore the servers, enjoy the food.

      1. re: ibraineater

        while i've experienced long wait times on occasion at union due to order backups, i have had consistently good service there after the initial two weeks after opening. i go there fairly often, since i live around the corner, and have been served by various waiters. the pretentiousness of some of the clientele, on the other hand, is another matter:)

    2. Union hands-down.

      I have NEVER found the service pretentious there.