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Mar 9, 2010 11:18 AM

Wegmans in Germantown

I got an email today saying that Wegmans signed a lease on the Seneca Meadows Parkway location. Email the MoCo Council and let them know you support the store!

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    1. re: wookyluvr

      It totally would! And the first big step is done - the lease is signed. Now they just need approval from Montgomery County, so if you're a resident and you support this, let the council know!

      1. re: reiflame

        There is a sign up on Ridge Road/27 now looking for new tenants to join Wegmans.

        1. re: woot4fun

          Has it been approved by the MoCo Council? Or, do we still need to write letters? This would be so awesome if it came to pass. I'm so tired of driving to NoVA to go to Wegmans.

          1. re: foodtrip

            I haven't heard anything for a few months. I believe the time frame for public comment has ended, but I just sent an email to the county development team to see if they have any updates.

            It still appears that 2012 is the projected opening date.

    2. So the county planner's office got back to me - Wegmans has not yet submitted a site plan, but they anticipate that they will sometime this summer. They're hoping to have a public hearing sometime in the fall. Once that passes, they should be good to start construction.

        1. Good news!
          Apparently Giant and its union would like to keep them out for obvious reasons - they can't compete. When you hear the objection floated by the pols and others that it is a "big box" store so shouldn't be allowed in MoCo, that is usually coming from them. Olney will soon have four (4!) supermarkets literally less than a five minute walk of each other: Giant, Shoppers, Safeway (which plans to undergo extensive renovation and expansion), and a new Harris-Teeter being built. I would trade them all for one Wegmans.

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          1. re: a1234

            I cannot wait until another and more Wegmans open. The one in HV is great but every time going there is like a zoo and being trampled by elephants...and no, not just on the weekends!

            Hopefully this will thing the herd ;)

            1. re: a1234

              Amen! I don't know if there will be the opportunity to comment when they have the public hearing but if there is anyone with an interest should attend. The article mentions that half the initial feedback was negative.

              Even though Wegmans is non-union they treat their employees significantly better than Giant et al.

              1. re: reiflame

                Yes, Wegmans is considered a good place to work. Ironic that Giant is the only supermarket with all those automated checkouts. Where's the union on that?

                1. re: a1234

                  I love Wegmanns and detest Giant but FYI, the Wegmans in Hunt Valley has automated checkouts. There's really nothing wrong with them but IMHO folks ought to be given lessons and pass a test before they try and use them. Can't tell you how much time I've wasted in line at Giant waiting for folks to try and figure out how to use them. And, by the way, Wegmans always has at least one staff member at the automated machines available to help newbies.

                  1. re: michael4ny

                    I loathe the SLOW-MO people who @ Self-Check-Outs as well..take 5 minutes to search for the code for bananas, and 1 bagel. punch in their phone number wrong 2 times when they don't have their bonus card.. don't know where to sign for the Credit card. then take 4 minutes to bag and clear the area. yea.
                    especially when I have Dairy and Meat in my Buggy and its 105 out. For Pete's Sake. Could you try that neat technology out at night hon, not during the busy lunch hour eh? or at least bring some help if you insist on doing self and not going to cashier!

                    anyway, Wegmans Automated Checkouts in HV are POOR imo compared to Giant. There is only 4, and the spacing between them is ATROCIOUS. Very Claustrophobic.

                    Not single-aisle like Giant. Rather all right next to each other. And a Wegmans employee is always literally breathing right down your back and staring you down as you check out. It is little creepy if you ask me.

                    Faster maybe, but the set-up and the Gestapo approach is very disturbing and discouraging.

                    1. re: HungryinBmore

                      I don't use the damn things on general principle, especially when so many people need jobs. Tear 'em out and hire some cashiers.

                      1. re: HungryinBmore

                        I love the self-service checkouts because I'm usually buying just one or two things. But too often I've been fooled by thinking the person ahead of me is just about to clear the lane only to wait and wait while he or she is taking change out of a purse, one coin at a time, and dropping them into the slot until the order is paid for. I wish there was something like "10 item limit" posted to discourage people who get in line with a full cart. But then, not everyone reads, or pays attention,

              2. in the MoCo Gazzette last week (or in the last couple weeks) was an article or some OpEds - cannot recall now. In that article was the usual "box store" dissension (hello Giant). But also, there was a piece from Harris Teeter, which has stated it will not build its "planned" store in Clarksburg if MoCo allows Wegmans in Germantown. Now, i prefer to shop in the HT in Darnestown, as you get at least some customer service, and not just a grunt (hello again Giant), and parking is better. HOWEVER, I think it is crappy they are basically resorting to blackmail to keep out competition. And FYI - HT's "plans" have apparently been in the works for more than two years. And sorry if it is important to you to have a grocery store in Clarksburg, but for me, i couldnt give a hoot about that. Bring me Wegmans!

                I love Wegmans and go to the Loudoun COunty locations whenever I am over there. The Leesburg one is now more convenient if you are over there on the Ferry. Also, Wegmans now has an opening date for the Frederick location listed on their website. For the longest time it was TBD. it now says 2011. So at the very least I will be making the trip up there when that one opens. Easily than Loudoun County.

                One last thing about the "box store" thing. Way back when Wegmans built its first location in this area (the Sterling/Dulles location), Wegmans made a lot of noise about wanting to tap this MoCo market. Doug Duncan was still in office and he went on and on about how MoCo didn't need any more box stores. Ok, i don't need another Walmart - but Wegmans? hmmmm, wonder what kind of campaign support Duncan got from Giant?

                Anyway, if we do get lucky enough for a Germantown location, this godforesaken county better give them an alcohol license. Don't even get me started on the county monopoly on that!

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                1. re: lalajane

                  The alcohol license is probably a pipe dream, sadly. MoCo makes way too much money on it to change their system a hair (other than to raise their mark up).

                  I'll keep an ear to the ground about the public hearing; if anyone wants to join me maybe we can actually make a difference.

                  Given the budget crunch the county is in, I can't imagine they would turn down the amount of tax revenue a large employer like Wegmans would generate. Overall, I'm hopeful that it'll get passed but I still think it's worth the time to go to the hearing once it's scheduled.

                  1. re: reiflame

                    Actually, i would not count out the alcohol. I point to the Shoppers Food that is on Great Seneca. the county laws do allow for an "exemption" (if you will) license for one location of a chain. Don't know how hard it might be to get that license, but clearly Shoppers managed. And a pretty decent beer selection too.

                    Also, i think i heard or read that the Wegmans forecasts employing 600. It would be beyond insanity for the county to throw away that number of jobs. Of course, this is a county that spent upwards of 60K for Ike Legget's golden throne room...but i digress.

                    So assuming we can get the Wegmans, i think there is a good chance of it getting a liquor license.

                    1. re: lalajane

                      I've heard that thing about one location per chain but have never been able to track down the source; do you have a link to the law that sets that up?

                      I know Wegmans has a very strong preference to have wine/beer sales (to the point where they got MA to change their law) but MoCo is so stubborn, who knows.

                      1. re: reiflame

                        Chances are slim to none that Wegmans will be able to sell alcohol in MoCo unless they can find a way to get around the alcohol lobby in Annapolis. The law is actually a state law - Maryland Code Article 2B, Section 9-102.


                        The four stores in the County that have sales now were grandfathered in.

                        1. re: chanceindc

                          Aha, they were grandfathered; that makes a lot of sense.

                          1. re: reiflame

                            oooh, how i hate MoCo! And yes, i would absolutely move out of this area (the whole DC area) given half a chance. Several years ago there was a very interesting article in the City Paper regarding MoCo's vertical monopoly. And from the article, one of the leaders of those trying to effect change was the owner of

                            The rotten system is also why I cannot get any DuClaw beer in this county either. Also rotten that you cannot have beer and wine shipped into MD, as you can in VA.

                            Well, maybe Wegmans could get a change... I know the wine producers are working hard to change laws here concerning the shipment of wines in and out of the state.
                            Based on this chart, there is little or no chance in frederick either:


                            However, i will settle for a beer and wine free Wegmans - still better than no Wegmans!

                            1. re: lalajane

                              I heard through the grapevine that the direct ship bill that's been tabled for the last few years might make it through next year. Write your state senators!