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Mar 9, 2010 11:10 AM

MD crabs in May?

My wife and I are thinking of going to MD for a week in May to eat crabs until they come out of our ears.
Is May a good time of the year for that?
Where are the best places - Eastern Shore? Baltimore?

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  1. Season is late June to late September. Most crabhouses get LA/TX crabs year-round to stay open, some get them even in MD seasn just to ensure supply and size. Come see us in the summer, there are festivals on the Eastern and Western shores and the eating's good. Stay away from Phillips.

    1. MD crab season 2010 is officially April 1st to December 15th, there won't be any local crabs around in May unless you find someplace most likely on the Eastern Shore that gets them right from the crabbers. That said, you can get crabs, they will just be from the gulf or the Carolinas. Some of the best local crabs I have ever had were at the end of November, beginning of December, they were crazy heavy.

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        Does this apply to soft shells, hard shells, or both?

          1. re: Hugh DeMann

            There is usually a good run of local softies in May. The first molt of the year.

        1. As most everyone says May is early in the season. You will find some MD crabs and plenty of NC or LA crabs available in the local crabhouses to "eat until they come out ya' ears". I would suggest Kentmorr Marina on Kent Island or Harris's at Kent Narrows (Grasonville, MD) as a good chance of having local crabs. But frankly in May the MD crabs might be a but on the light side and the NC/LA crabs will be at least as good... even a local can't tell the diff. Enjoy