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Mar 9, 2010 11:04 AM

Good place in D.C. proper to watch TV?

I want to get some friends together in D.C. for a watch party. (I'm on Jeopardy! this week.) Our little group has done this in the past, but the last time, we chose a restaurant where they couldn't figure out how to switch the channel and we ended up missing half the show. Not an option this time!

So I'd like to know if anybody has any recommendations on restaurants with TVs where they will be happy to oblige a gathering with the correct channel and audible volume. Sports bars are probably out, unless there's one with a nice big table (sitting at a bar isn't conducive to table talk), and not too much noise from other sports events on other TVs. Also places that have nice big TVs are preferred.

Preferably also the place is easily accessible by the metro.

Any suggestions? Or is to back to McCormick & Schmick's at 9th and F?

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  1. BTW, same question for Baltimore area, if anyone knows a good spot. I have a friend who will be there, but with no TV.

    1. In DC you might call Capitol Grill and West End Bistro. I know Capitol Grille has TV inside the bar lounge area and doesn't get the sports crowd so I am sure would probably oblige. West End Bistro used to play Top Chef since one of their own of sorts was on it, so you might be able to do it there.

      Good luck!

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        1. Ella's Pizza in Penn Quarter has been very nice about changing channels for the TV in the bar area. You might check with Cleveland Park Bar and Grill. Since they have SO MANY TV's, they might be willing to tune one to Jeopardy. Penn Quarter Sports Tavern (at Navy Memorial metro) has the same set-up.

          1. This could get really obnoxious, but maybe a Damon's?

            They have that giant TV pit, with 3 or 4 massive TVS, and a dozen smaller ones. If you arrange, I think you can have them dedicate one TV to your thing. They of course have masive long wooden tables as well at 12 person booths. They might have individual speakers also?

            I've only been to one once, but it was slow-ish around dinner. It was only afterward that people really do their loud suburban bar thing. Plus, the bar is removed from the TV area.

            American bar food, whatever. If you want to have a big group of people glued to and ranting at a TV, its probably the place. The TV prominence is such, that its almost comical... if you're going to have a bunch of people care more about TV than they ever otherwise would, might as well go where TV worship is in full effect. Those places really are television cathedrals.

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            1. re: Russel Shank

              I went once with for a work lunch (the way all my worst meals tend to happen) and would rather starve than eat there again. I had a chicken caesar that looked like the grill marks were put on the chicken with a Sharpie. It was pretty terrible all around.

              Damon's does have the TV thing going on, so maybe if they want to eat they could go somewhere else afterward.

              1. re: JonParker

                Yeah, it's pretty sad. I think they do ribs/BBQ pretty well though, and the burgers are probably alright. It's basically TVs, and the food is a cut above Chilis or something.