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Mar 9, 2010 10:30 AM

Canton Arms [London]

Has anyone been down to the Canton Arms in Stockwell/Oval ? I was passing the other day and didnt know it has re-opened, then i read that review on doshermanos and decided to swing by for a drink. I've been back twice now for the foie gras toastie at the bar and fish pie in the dining room. Blown away! Thank GOD we finally got a good pub with good grub in the area. Anyone else been? same people as anchor and hope in waterloo i think?

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  1. Yes, went on Saturday and loved it. Between three of us we had the Scotch pie which was under seasoned and average, but the other food more than made up for it. A very rich but delicious foie gras toastie almost finished me off, but we went on to share the sensational fish pie, good chicken liver pate and some really delicious and flavoursome greens. We then walked to Lisboa to buy custard tarts for pud. It is the same woman from the Anchor and Hope. I cannot wait to go back.

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      I'm local to the area and am breathing a sigh of releif - finally a pub worth going to in Stockwell. I went back last night expecting it to be quiet but the dining room was almost full. They still don't have a coffee macheine but I am told it is on its way. Ate a pork chop with an olive tapenade -generous portion and very succulent (why, when I do chops do they dry out so much?). Went last sunday too and had Hereford beef - beautiful meat but wanted a yorkshire pud too and they weren't serving them.

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        On this point, I've tried the egg tarts in a few places around Oval/Stockwell recently, and so far the ones at Lisboa have been by far the best. Anyone have any other experiences?

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          Scotch Pie? REALLY? Like proper real Scotch Pie that i miss soooo much?

          I was planning on going to the Canton Arms on Friday but can't make it now and am perturbed if it means I'm missing pie!

          Must go asap

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            Indeed, it was one of their bar snacks when I was there. It is made with beef, not mutton, and it isn't very spiced, or flavoured, but at £3.50 it doesn't matter too much. Good crust.

        2. Been a couple of times, once to eat (excellent fennel and chicory rissotto, took twenty five minutes in an empty dining room so made from scratch? Sure tasted like it.) and another just for pints. An excellent selection of three obscure ales along with more quotidian lagers, cracking selection of wines and also enjoyed an expert negroni, not too sweet. TBH live nearer the anchor so not sure The Canton will be my regular, but for anyone in Stockwell, Vauxhall, Oval there's surely no competition (NB I lived in Stockwell for years).

          1. Yep same people as Anchor & Hope and Great Queen st. The Chef is Trish Hilferty. I have been twice now and can't wait to go back. Tried the terrine starter which was delicious, cassoulet for 2, very rich and filling, duck confit with chicory, chorizo soup and beetroot salad. Havent tried pudding yet though the chocolate pot look nice. They have 3 cask ales on, tried the hobgoblin last night which i liked. Definitely the best pub in the area. Jay Rayner reviewed it in this weeks time out.