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May 15, 2005 01:38 PM

La Cabinita

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We had a great dinner there last night. Hubby had the carnitas plate (which I'll get next time) -- wonderful, big pieces of pork, comes w/ home-made corn tortillas and guac... wow! I got a combination carnitas taco and verde cheese & chix enchillada (it comes with mole, but I asked for the verde)... the chips & salsa, everything was great. Carnitas seems to be their thing... my dinner came with chicken soup and it was really unusual, big pieces of vegetables, yum. The margaritas were also potent & refreshing. Restaurant is on the border of Glendale/Montrose. Go!

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  1. Next time, try the Mole Verde with pork. So good!

    1. My office is around the corner there... the food is great (the mole negro is outstanding and they'll happily substitute it on anything you want) but the last few times we've gone (for lunch) the service was horrendous.

      Glad to hear you had a good time.

      Next time you're up there, try Divina Cucina, which is up Verdugo Blvd. about two blocks, on the opposite side... terrific Italian food.

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        Mole Negro? Is it an off-the-menu item? I've been going to La Cabinita for over ten years now, and I've only known them to offer standard puebla style (red) mole and mole verde. I'd love to hear that they actually offer mole negro.

        Remember when La Cabinita had a second location up on Foothill Blvd? It was only around for a couple years and had a slightly different menu from the original Verdugo location, which at that time was only half the size it is now.

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          I haven't been in a long time, but we always got mole negro. They have changed the menu, though (one got delivered to our office) so perhaps it's not there anymore.

          There's a place called La Cabanita on Vanowen and Vineland? Lankershim? in North Hollywood with a similar sign, I wonder if they're affiliated.

      2. We discovered La Cabinita about 6 months ago and have lived in the area for years. We must live in a cave.

        The best item on the menu are the Chuleta's. 2-3 Pork chops smothered in a brown sauce that is amazing. They must cook it for a day b/c you don't need a knife it is soooo tender.

        Personally have never tried anything else on the menu b/c they are so good. My wife likes the Chicken soup bowl, don't know what its called though

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        1. re: Brad
          Das Ubergeek

          Chicken soup is "caldo de pollo". It's OK, but I love the mole sauce there. We've been going for years, my HQ office is just around the corner.

        2. tacos con rajas, baby!

          1. Chile Rellenos Vegiterano, filled with calabacitas and corn are excellent. And so are their others, but beware: they are roasted chiles, NOT soaked in egg batter dripping in oil and jack cheese. If I recall they have one stuffed with picadillo, and also a chile en nogada
            Lunch is a great bargain too. The "red" mole sauce always appeared to be, and tasted like, mole negro to me.