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Mar 9, 2010 09:33 AM

entrees at NOLA - seeking advice

We're hosting a wedding dinner at NOLA soon -- happily, we can offer our guest a choice of three entrees. The thing is, we're having trouble choosing among them!

We definitely want to offer the grilled fish to keep things simple, but we are torn between porkchop, fried chicken, and shrimp and grits for the other two. Does anyone have an opinion about these dishes in particular, and also whether there's some consideration we might be overlooking?

thanks to all -

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  1. I can't comment on the porkchop, but I am a big fan of the fried chicken and shrimp and grits at NOLA (probably the best two entree dishes at this restaurant). The fried chicken is some of the best in the city.

    1. Let me preface by saying I've never been to NOLA. However, Emeril is known for his pork chops.

      1. Having just returned from New Orleans a few weeks ago, I can emphatically tell you NOT to get the shrimp & grits. Despite the shrimp being overcooked, the flavor is not good. The "red chili abita butter sauce" is very sweet & completely overwhelms the dish. It's maybe 1/4 cup of grits, 6 nice sized shrimp & a 1/4 cup of sweet, sweet butter sauce. If the shrimp had not been overcooked, and had I ordered it as a dessert, I may have enjoyed it. My wife, on the other hand, loved the pan seared pompano. It had nice crispy skin & a soft flaky interior texture. The addition of truffle oil really elevated the flavor profile. NOLA has a very festive atmosphere & should be very enjoyable for an informal wedding dinner.

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          Each to his own, but count me as one who loved NOLA's shrimp and grits. Tried NOLA's shrimp and grits when we were there in november, and thought they were the creamiest, yummiest creation of the dish I'd ever tasted, and just slightly BBQ-ey. Not overwhelming at all as you describe. Perhaps it was a different variation. Maybe tastes run differently, but I would never tell someone not to try a dish just because you didn't care for the particular treatment of said dish. Have to say "go with the majority" on this one, and try the S&G for yourself.....

          1. re: Christine

            Well, at the very least, don't go expecting good, traditional shrimp & grits. This is a dish which has been perfected as low-country cooking at homes and restaurants in South Carolina - not at nola.

        2. I am a huge fan of the shrimp & grits - I love the BBQ sauce personally and we also love the fried chicken. The pork chop is really good, but it's a large, dense cut of meat and just not my thing. The fish cooked in the wood oven, whether it's redfish or drum is a winning choice. If you get appetizers, go for the Miss Hays Chicken Wings!