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Mar 9, 2010 09:31 AM

Church Food

I think we need a thread about church food! Specifically, what good food do churches in your area of the Twin Cities community sell as fundraisers? Lets brainstorm about what we know from our past experiences, and then as a specific event/sale date is coming up, come out and post specifics.

I will start. I love the lemon meringue pie sale at the St. Paul Catholic Cathedral. Last year it was in March, but so far no info on the church website about it. I also used to live in St. Paul, and the Greek church on the corner of Summit & Lexington had a couple of Greek food sales a year. Someone also recently mentioned a church on 7th Street in St. Paul that has a minister who is also a master barbequer (pit style), but I didn't get any specifics.

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  1. You must be thinking about Pastor Hamilton's BBQ. I know there have been a few threads about him here on Chowhound.

    This is his website:

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      Their, Pastor Hamilton's, window sign has changed. Something along the lines of opening soon. Looking forward to comparing it to Big Daddy's (the best I've had in the TCs, just like what I used to get in STL.).

      There's a church on the West side that's selling tamales on Fridays during Lent. I can't remember the name.

    2. Last year's Lemon Meringue Pie thread:

      This year's Lenten fish fry thread:

      This year's pierogi thread:

      A link to the calendar in The Catholic Spirit, which publishes church food events:

      Don't know if other congregations have a similar online resource.

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      1. re: KTFoley

        That on-line publishing of church food events is genius!

        1. re: turtlebella

          Great links, KT, thanks! Has anyone tried the lenten enchiladas or lebanese meals?

          1. re: sallyawalk

            I keep meaning to get over there and haven't yet. Am dying to try them - the tamales.

            1. re: green56

              Hmm, I was looking at Our Lady of Guadalupe and the enchiladas. Do they have tamales, too? I am going to try to stop by this afternoon, I can report back this weekend :)

              1. re: sallyawalk

                It's probably me and my terrible memory. If it's the catholic church on the westside and it's enchiladas, then my memory of what KT posted in another thread is faulty. I think bad memory on my part as well as a craving for homemade tamales.

                My apologies to you and KT.

                Now, having my error corrected, I'm not as anxious to get there. Again, I want tamales. :) But do go and report back. Let me know if they have onion and cheese. I would have at least one more Friday to try them, wouldn't I?

                1. re: green56

                  I checked out Our Lady of Guadalupe's at 401 Concord in St. Paul for their enchilada dinner tonight. I got a dozen enchiladas to go, but they also have small and large dinner plates as well. Yes, they were onion and cheese. Drove them home (~25 minutes) and microwaved them. Very good, a fairly mild red sauce included in a container with them. I would get them again. I ate 4 of them, and will have room for dessert later :)

                  No tamales in evidence. They did have a sign for Tostadas for $2.00, but I did not actually see them.