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Mar 9, 2010 09:10 AM

New Quarry Restaurant Bar & Lounge in Tuckahoe - date for Grand Opening

Does anyone know the date for the Grand Opening of this restaurant? I see some of the window coverings are down and it looks like some gorgeous renovations have been done to the place. I'm looking forward to this new locale of Joe's Quarry Inn. Hope it will be open in time for St. Patrick's day. It looks like they are close.

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  1. I was at the "old" one about a year and a half ago. Great food. Had no idea that they closed. Where is the new one located? Bigger location?

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      Joe's Quarry Inn is still open. I don't know the details of what is going to happen to that place, I hear it will remain open? The current owner of Joe's Quarry Inn is opening a new location at 108 Main Street in Tuckahoe. It's definitely a bigger location and from the looks of it, the place will be much nicer! It will have a bar/lounge area and then the restaurant.

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        Sounds great. I really like the original; awesome burgers. I will have to try the new location. I wonder how different the menu will be at this location.

    2. The Quarry Inn is set for a soft opening on Friday 3/12. I believe it's official opening is going to be on the 15th, but I'm not certain. I've seen the bar and it's much bigger than the one in the old place on Marbledale. It's where the old Thomas Stone was.

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        1. So did it open?? Any details? Website?

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            I happened to drive past tonight and it seemed to be was pretty crowded.

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              The grand opening with full menu was Friday night. I was there for brunch on Sunday. Had the Eggs Florentine and ordered hash browns and corned beef hash. The hash had huge chunks of corned beef. Not sure if it will be a staple on the menu, or leftover from St. Paddy's but it was some of the best hash I've ever tasted. Had a decent crowd for a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

            2. Had two meals recently at the new Quarry. For lunch I had the steak sandwich. Now when I hear steak sandwich, I don't immediately think of melted cheese and sauteed onions. I think steak. Well that's what I got. A delicious and large portion of sliced steak, cooked perfectly medium rare like I ordered. A nice soft wedge roll which soaked up all the juices. I added about two shakes of pepper and one of salt and I was loving it. It came with a side of fries, buit I substituted mac & cheese. Also delicious, even though I've somewhat stopped eating pasta.

              For dinner I had a special burger (I believe it was called the greek burger). Basically it's similar to one of their flatbrad pizzas, but on a burger. A nice 9 oz patty, once again cooked to perfection, on top it was literally loaded with goat cheese, sauteed onions and arugula. The balance was perfect. I literally had so much leftover onion and arugula that had fallen off, it was like having a side dish. The burger came with fries, which I had this time. They are the battered variety, which I don't really like that much, but not too bad. That for me is strictly a personal preference.