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Mar 9, 2010 09:09 AM

Stuck - High St Kensington? and Stockwell... [London]

I never ever go to this end of town - I am taking a client and my boss, and I have about 35 a head for lunch, inc service, any suggestions?

Also - has anyone been to the Canton Arms in Stokwell yet?

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  1. Launceton Place is not that far from the High St. and its a very good option. I send clients there all the time and have had a few very good lunches.

    At the other end of the High St is Kitchen W8. Its on my list and has been well reviewed I havent been so cant vouch for it, though it does have connections with Square so it comes with a good pedigree.


    1. For a very fine Chinese lunch, there's Min Jiang at the Royal Garden Hotel - short walk from the Tube.

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        I really loved Kitchen W8 when I went for Sunday lunch three weeks ago.

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          zuriga - thats an excellent tip, speaking as a native kensingtonian (grin).

          1. re: howler

            Thanks, howler. I've been dying to get there for ages... one of these days. Maybe I need to move north. :-)

        2. I had a very good dinner at Kitchen W8, it's smart and the set lunch is £19.50 for 3 courses. It's a welcome addition to the area.

          1. Just off the High St. on Abingdon rd you've got Whits, a French restaurant with great reputation. They've got a set lunch for 18.75 for three courses. I really like their menu!

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              change of plan, the client now wants somethin low key and relatvely quick - any casual suggestions for one course?

              1. re: justmarried

                There's a modern Italian called Timo on the High St. And another Italian, Locanda Ottoemezzo on Thackeray St. Don't know how they are with lunch though.

                If you want it very relaxed, you have Whole Foods....

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                  Maggie Jones is a real old institution there - very British, gnarled candles and dark wood. Food decent enough, but people mostly go for the atmosphere.

                  1. re: daisyK

                    Hi All, thank you for all suggestions - the client cancelled on me in the end but I will keep these all in mind for when we re arrange x