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Mar 9, 2010 08:46 AM

Elements Food & Spirit in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Has anyone eaten here, and can you recommend it? We're going on Friday before a concert.

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  1. Overall, I would recommend it. It can be wonderful, or sometimes a bit uneven. Terrific steak frites, as I recall. Fixed price menu can be excellent. Desserts not so great. Drinks are very good.

    1. We usually try to make it there when we're in the area. Nice and manageable wine list that doesn't have all of the usual suspects. Lots of fresh locally sourced ingredients. We've had great luck with their deserts, especially their creme brulees.

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        We came here for dinner with two kids in tow, and it worked well for all concerned. It’s clearly an adult-focused restaurant, but welcomes kids, who had a choice of house-made chicken fingers, pizza and something else (I forget), plus crayons and paper to keep them amused. For the adults, a nice array of appetizers and entrees, generally locally/sustainably raised.

        While it wasn’t the most remarkable cuisine we’ve ever encountered, it was fresh, tasty and well-prepared. The bacon-maple beer nuts are addictive. The smoked trout appetizer and red curry mussels were both delicious. The jerk chicken was moist and flavorful, but could have been better seasoned. The salmon was also on the simple side, but good.

        Sitting out on the deck was lovely until night fell and the bugs came out just as we were ready to leave. Service was gracious and friendly, if sometimes a little erratic. We’d definitely go back if pass through the area again.

        Elements Food & Spirit
        98 Mill St, Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819