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Mar 9, 2010 08:32 AM

Steak suggestions?

Anybody have suggestions for what restaurant has the best steak in Minneapolis/St. Paul? I've been to a lot of the obvious ones: the Craftsman, Salut, Ruth's Chris, the Strip Club, etc. Has anybody had a really good steak lately in the Twin Cities?

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  1. Obviously, Capital Grille and the M's have outstanding reputations for steak, but here are some off the beaten path choices.

    Cafe Maude's hangar steak. Ordered rare, this packs some powerful flavors, and is a nice execution of a difficult cut. It was much better than the one I had at Salut, for example.

    Erte's house steak. For a $17 steak, this is outstanding, and the excellent sauce pairs well with the sirloin.

    Zelo's filet mignon. The cut itself is not en vogue, at the moment, but they do it perfectly. It captures that "cut it with a fork" essence without feeling soggy.

    All three restaurants feature fun rooms that move away from the typical steakhouse vibe.

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      All the newish places are very good, but when it gets down to going out and having a very good steak I go to the old reliable (filet) at Mancini's, say what you want about the old dog Mancini's they do not need to learn any new tricks.

      1. re: kevin47

        Manny's is the standard bearer and with good reason.

        Beyond the classic steak house feel, I'd put in a second for the hangar steak at Maude. I ordered mine medium rare and it was delicious. And although there have been some nightmarish tales of service, I haven't had any issues in my handful of visits.

        1. re: BigE

          +1 for Manny's though I haven't had a chance to eat there since their move to the Foshay. Tough on the budget but a must-visit for steak lovers.

          Also, an enthusiastic +1 on the hangar steak in general. Really a fantastic, toothsome, flavorful cut of beef. It's just a shame that it's nearly impossible to find in grocery stores, or even at butcher shops, for that matter. I can't speak for the one at Maude, but they have an excellent version at Muffaletta, as well.

          1. re: keithinmpls

            Clancy's Meat and Seafood in So Mpls has hanger and flat iron steaks. They are one of the few butchers in town that actually cut their own meat. Sadly most do not.

      2. Steak Frites @ Barbette in Uptown. New York Strip - just excellent . As good as the M's....

        1. Trying to figure out where to go for my birthday dinner, and want a good steak. My favorite cut is the bone-in ribeye.

          I saw the reviews in the last Mps.St.Paul Magazine and was leaning towards The Strip Club. Any thoughts or other suggestions?

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          1. re: sullysully

            i am sure it is not a good steak but someone has to try joe and stan's filet and carwash special...


            free carwash... murrays?... mannys?.... (i would do it myself but i do not have a car).

              1. re: kevin47

                Aside from the standards, and I'm not a steak eater but hubby would eat it every day if possible- he's had great steak at:

                W.A. Frost
                Nicollet Island Inn

                And for a great steak sammy-Mancini's bar. If you ask nicely, they'll still give you the pickle/tomato/pepperoncini bowl.

            1. I only eat ribeye. I only eat ribeye at Manny's, Lurcat or Murray's; otherwise I make it at home. I've had ribeyes at just about every other place in town...

              As much as I wish it weren't true; a great ribeye comes from cows fed corn or finished on corn. A grass fed's just ain't quite right.

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              1. re: Foureyes137

                I haven't had a lot of grass fed steak, but the one I had at Al Vento a couple of years ago that wasn't very good and has made me a bit hesitant. I just want a good ribeye with good service and atmosphere, and don't care a ton about the sides. Just so the steak is right. I looked at Lurcat and they only have the ribeye for two, so that's out since my dining partner isn't as into the ribeye as I am.

                1. re: sullysully

                  That "ribeye for two" shit is a dare. I've eaten one by myself. It's smaller than the bludgeon at Manny's.

                  1. re: Foureyes137

                    Because I'm cheap...did you pay the $33 per person ($66) for it? I also saw that there's currently a ribeye on the menu at 112 Eatery, but not guarantee that it's still there in a few weeks...

                    1. re: sullysully

                      I did. And I'll do it again.

                      I saw the ribeye on 112's menu, but at $32 I presume it is either high-quality/light weight...or the other way around.

                      1. re: Foureyes137

                        Foureyes, which would you recommend?

                        1. re: sullysully

                          At the end of the day...Manny's bone-in ribeye (not the bludgeon). For the sides, for the service, for the atmosphere...but most of all for the beef.

                2. re: Foureyes137

                  I hear ya on the grass fed beef. It is much leaner than the corn/grain fed and therefore lacks the fat marbling/flavor.

                  1. re: Foureyes137

                    One's palate may have become accustomed to a corn-fed steak, but that doesn't mean that grass-fed "ain't right"...

                    The grass-fed steaks at the Strip Club are expertly prepared (grass-fed steaks must be cooked differently from corn-fed, so don't mess around with places that don't know how to prepare them right) and delicious. Might take a bit of recalibrating of the palate, but in my opinion, it's worth it to eat steak the way it's meant to be (for the cows, for the earth, etc.).

                    1. re: mtullius

                      Let me be clear; I thoroughly enjoy grass-fed beef and grass fed steaks (especially leaner cuts like filet/loin). I've eaten at the Strip Club (I do not like it...I find it an abomination to offer to ruin a steak by putting cheese/onions/whatever on top of it) I noted above, I've eaten steak at just about every restaurant offering it in town (and worked at some of them).

                      Anyway, you put a cow in a corn'll eat corn, granted this is not how we do it, but it is disingenuous to say cows by nature only eat grass. They graze on grass because of it's ubiquity...not because of some cow-preference. Cow's will graze on onions if you let them...ask anyone that has worked on a farm and realized this after drinking onion-y milk.

                      Anyway ribeyes do not taste right when they are grass-fed. They don't. I wish they did. The texture is wrong, the flavor is flat and marbling is scant. I'd prefer to eat grass-fed ribeyes. Dakota Farms raises grass-fed beef that is finished on corn and is pretty good, but still...a good ribeye it does not quite produce.

                  2. Thanks for the recommendation Foureyes. Went to Manny's last week and had a delicious ribeye for my birthday dinner. Service was great, steak was amazing, all in all a great dinner.