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Mar 9, 2010 08:10 AM

Secret Spice place in Jackson Heights

I've only heard rumors about this....
apparently there is a spice place in jackson heights that is not an apparent store front. Does anyone know about this. like, maybe it's in a residential building or something. I'm beginning to think it's just an old wives tale.

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  1. A friend once mentioned a DVD store that also has stashes of some Nepali spices. I haven't been, but I vaguely recall it being on Broadway near 73rd, like across the street from the halal carts.

    Is there something in particular you're looking for, or is this more about the search for the grail?

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    1. re: Joe MacBu

      The grail.

      That place they may have been referring to is Raja Sweets. which did sell cds/dvds for a long time, but they've gotten rid of them. you can get some great parantha there. and they have a very cheap vegetarian buffet ($6) made by a bunch of indian moms. I don't think this is what I was looking for. Thanks though.


      this is what I'm looking for. I need an ambassador.