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Mar 9, 2010 07:57 AM

Vincente's Italian Specialties & Deli- Garwood, New Jersey

There was a very good deli/eatery, Vincente's Italian Specialties & Deli, located on North Avenue in the Blue Ribbon shopping center. I passed by it yesterday and noticed that it was no longer there. Does anyone know if it moved or just went out of business. I would purchase the best italian bread from there. I should have paid attention to the name of the place on the front of the bag that supplied the bread to them. Does anyone know the name of the place that supplied the bread to them?

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  1. Hi - I was very surprised to see this place close too and am curious to what happened. It seemed like it was doing well. The Italian Bread was delicious - it was fron Angelo's Panetteria Inc 14 Wales Ave, Jersey City 201-435-4659. Good luck!

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      Any good homemade cole slaw and potato salad around in this area? Hard to find!

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        Thank you for letting me know where the bread came from. The only place I know of that has good cole slaw is Harold's New York Deli Restaurant, 3050 woodbridge avenue, Edison, NJ 08837. (732) 661-9100. Their pastrami is really good too.
        I don't know of any place that has really good potato salad. I have had potato salad from King's supermarket, and it was not bad. I think I had the potato salad made with red potatoes. Kings has 3 or so different types of potato salad; ask for a taste of each if you decide to investigate.

        Harold's New York Deli
        3050 Woodbridge Ave Ste B, Edison, NJ 08837