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Mar 9, 2010 07:53 AM

Seeking Hudson Valley source for Asian ingredients

Does anyone know of any Asian grocery stores in or around Poughkeepsie? I would travel further afield even. There used to be a great market where I could find Asian vegetables, noodles, sauces for cooking and I miss it so much. Thanks.

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  1. route 376, new hackensack plaza is one. they get dim-sum from nj and nyc on saturday mornings.

    there was a sign up for a "phil-asian" place just down the road from adams on rte 44, other side of the street, but it was taken down from the windows last week.

    1. the name of the store that bob mentioned is welcome oriental grocery. there's also a decent place in hopewell junction (corner of 376 and 82) called hopewell farms. they sell a lot of asian ingredients (mostly korean) and fresh produce at great prices.

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        just a quick update on hopewell farms. they're expanding the store...i stopped by to pick up some fruit and was surprised to see that they tore down the wall on the right side. it's almost double the size now. the new freezer section contained several korean ingredients. the cashier told me that they're planning to have a meat section. if they end up carrying bulgogi and kalbi, i will be SO thrilled. no more 1 1/2 hr+ trips to nj!

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          i just wanted to add that along with various types of dim sum they pick up in nyc on saturdays, welcome oriental grocery now carries pork banh mi. they're absolutely delicious!

        2. Thanks. That's very helpful! I remembered that in Uptown Kingston there is a wonderful place on Wall Street called Kimm's. They don't have fresh produce but many noodles, condiments, etc.

          1. I've been having the same trouble!! I took an Asian cooking class at the CIA and now I can't find the ingredients!

            There is a Thai grocery store in Beacon next to the Sukhothai on Main St. I can't remember if they have fresh veggies or not.

            1. Just got back from a Filipino grocery on Rt. 32 in New Windsor. Noodles, condiments and marinades, some frozen fish, meat and vegetables. I don't recall much in the line of fresh vegetables, though

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                Where on Rte 32 is this Filipino grocery?

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                  here's a link to the grocery store:

                  Tfs Asian Food Mart