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Mar 9, 2010 07:19 AM

any good places near united palace theatre on 175th and bway?

looking for a good burger and beer type place or good pub near the theatre. going with some guys to allmans this week.

also open to any place up there that is outstanding (i will take decent as well).


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  1. Hey Mark -
    You going to one of the ABB shows? See you there! ;-)

    If anyone has a recommendation for a place to eat and grab a beer before the show I would very much appreciate it too.

    1. The original Malecon is right there on Bway and 175. I've only been to their UWS location. DH can't get enough of the chicken.

      1. It's further up - at 207th and B'Way, but Pipers Kilt is a solid irish pub with a burger that is way above average.

        1. Coogan's, on 169th and broadway would be my pick to grab a beer/bite before a show. Good atmosphere, big space, and the food is good for what it is, cheap bar food in an Irish pub setting.

          1. Seize the opportunity to have the rotisserie chicken at Malecon.


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              Malecon makes a fine chicken. Don't know about this branch specifically, but the one we go to on Bway and 231st also makes excellent maduros and solid rice & beans (I'm partial to their yellow rice and black beans). Ask for extra green sauce with the chicken!