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Mar 9, 2010 07:13 AM

Cannot miss in Ft.Lauderdale?

Coming in with the family from San Francisco for an overnight stay at the Hilton Marina before we head off to a cruise.

I do not have a car but would not mind taking a cab to enjoy some unique dining experiences, does not have to be fancy, could be street food. We are adventurous eaters who prefer to eat where the locals dine.

Thank you for your recommendations in advance.

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  1. You could try Cafe Sharaku, Eduardo de San Angel, Canyon... those will all be a cab ride, there is not too much unique around the HIlton Marina... but if you're looking to stay around there you could try China Grill (in the HIlton Marina), CoCo Thai (a few blocks away in a large shopping center), or maybe Bimini Boatyard. (These last ones aren't anything special though).

    1. Just down the street in walking distance is Bimini Boatyard. We take all our out of town guests there because it is a true "Florida" restaurant, lots of seafood on the menu and you can sit outside on the waterfront.

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        I think Bimini Boatyard has very mediocre food. Why not take a cab over to Las Olas where there are many good choices and it's a nice street to walk around and get the local feel.

        1. re: pilches

          Las Olas is pretty mediocre too besides for Johnny V's... although it is definitely a nicer place to walk around

      2. Coconuts has pretty good food, is on the intra-coastal and has a real Key West feel.