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Mar 9, 2010 07:12 AM

Looking for Kosher for Passover products in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill

Hello Hounds!

I'm looking for good places to find Kosher for Passover items in the area. Aside from the assorted Macaroons and Matzo, I'd really like to know if there is a place that has chocolate chips. I know about the Ko-Op and they didn't have them from what I was told. Thanks for your help.

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  1. The Kroger at Falls of the Neuse and Stricklind in Raleigh will have some items, possibly the chips you are looking for. They have an agreement to stock KP items at that location.

    1. You might also contact one of the synagogues in in the area - here is something form the Chabad HOuse in Raleigh -

      Another suggestion is to post this query in the kosher board of chowhound -

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        Trust me, you'll get a better response on this board. There aren't exactly a lot of Kosher Board posters from this area.

        Sha'arei Israel does not sell kosher food, or any food for that matter. They take orders for shmurah matzah but the deadline was yesterday. There are usually a few extra boxes, though. If you're interested call them in a week or so. The prices were ranging about $16 - 17/pound depending on whether you ordered American, Israeli, or Ukrainian.

        The Passover deadline for the Raleigh kosher buying group was a few weeks ago so that won't be of any help.

        Your best bet in Raleigh is the Kroger at Strickland and Falls. For the past few years they have had the best KP selection (such as it is) in town. So much so, that over the years other stores are carrying less and less. I haven't been there yet this year so I don't know if they're fully stocked. The HT at Stonehenge has their horribly overpriced small selection of KP good in the seasonal aisle next to the produce. Oh, and if tradition carries through, HT will have all the KP Breakstone dairy products available about a week or two *after* Pesach.

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          Thanks! The Food Lion here in Carrboro actually had a pretty good selection last year, but nothing as of yet.

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            Harris Teeter next to Carr Mill Mall has kosher products, Gefilte fish, Matzoh,in the International Aisle I'd look there for kosher for Passover stuff.

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              Yes, I've seen what Teeter in Carr Mill has but if I can find the same at Food Lion. I'd pay their prices instead.

      2. I think at least the whole foods in Chapel hill has the chocolate chips.

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          Thanks I'll give them a shot today after work.

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            Whole Foods in Chapel Hill's Kosher for Passover is borderline pathetic. It was, as best as I can tell, one end isle display with typical items. No chocolate chips there.

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              Just wanted to let you know BF
              Weaver St has kosher for passover Potato Kugel mix and chocolate chip macaroons in a tin..

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                when I first moved here I was flabbergasted that *all* the turkey sausages sold at WFs were in pork casings. I brought this to their attention and they said "thats the way our customers like them." I just kept bugging them and I think now they do have a few with lamb casings.

            2. I wouldn't have believed it, but the Brier Creek Wal-Mart actually has some Passover products. They're split between an endcap and the usual Ethnic aisle and they're a pretty odd assortment.
              There's Osem chicken powder without a KP heksher. Five lb. Mani matzahs. Yehuda 1 lb'ers that clearly say both in English and Hebrew ""Chametz." Three brands of matzah meal, one each of potato starch and cake meal. A few versions of boxed matzah ball and soup mixes. At least one potato pancake mix. Two sizes Kedem grape juice, one style of Mani gefilte fish. Canned mandarin oranges and hearts of palm (!). The one thing I did pick up was a bag of KP Laffy Taffy-style candy, 1/2 lb. for $2, made in Israel. There may have been a feww other odds and ends but that's what I remember.
              I can't imagine what the buyer was thinking when they ended up with that hodgepodge.

              1. The new Harris Teeter in North Hills had the chocolate chips as of Saturday evening. They were located in the upper level on an end-cap display with the other kosher items.

                They had a fair number of other items, but alas, no kosher Coke.