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Mar 9, 2010 07:03 AM

Best Strawberry Shortcake

I've been craving Strawberry Shortcake, and haven't had one since I moved here 3 years ago. Any suggestions on where I can get some good strawberry shortcake. I'll even settle for any fresh fruit cakes that have a whipped cream topping.

I'm in the Coppell / Valley Ranch area, but will go further out if needed.


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  1. I made some using cream scones from Central Market (found in the bakery dept) and they were rich and fabulous!

    1. I would say just in the proximity to you that Argentina Bakery (183 & Beltline - across from Irving Mall) would be ideal for you pastry needs. I am not sure if they have exactly Strawberry Shortcake but I am sure they do have another cake you can fall in love with and even some with strawberries (fresas). The ones with whipped cream topping are also avilable!

      I know they don't have Strawberry Shortcake but they do have very fine pastires is Ravelin in Denton. They are home to the best croissants (both savory and sweet ) in the metroplex.

      Might give Hotbreads a call too. They are a locally Indian owned bakery that has some French pastries and such. MacArthur and Walnut Hill (Meadow Creek


      The other rec would be chains (Celebrity, etc)

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        I saw some nice S.S. at Wholefoods. Their pastries and cakes are very good. Some have been frozen (still good, though) and some are baked in their central commissary and delivered fresh.

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          I will check these out. Thanks for the replies!

      2. Don't know if it's a seasonal item or a regular menu dessert, but just had Strawberry SC today at The Porch. Quartered (some smaller) strawberries are served over whipped cream, mounded atop 1/2 biscuit. On a 3 - 5 scale, 3+. Nicely sweet berries and a moist biscuit, but lacked in any residual juice soaking into the biscuit. It needed that flavor punch. @ $9, it's the Porch, but you be the judge.

        1. Cracker Barrel serves Strawberry Shortcake on a biscuit, and I think it's pretty darn yummy if you're not looking for something fancy.

          1. Strawberry short cake is probably the easiest and quickest "fancy" dessert one can make. All you need is some good, store bought pound cake, strawberries, either defrosted frozen or raw which could be cooked with a bit of sugar and possibly a little liquor of choice, and of course whipped cream. Either from a can or, whipped fresh. Voila!
            Fresh strawberries are also very good when macerated for about two hours in a bit of sugar and sweet liquor and then served as the topping.

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              YIKES! Don't buy pound cake! Bisquick has a wonderful recipe that take 2 secs to make. It takes longer to preheat the oven.

              1. re: CocoaNut

                I made some "Elvis" pound cake recently... with the cheaper strawberries I'm going to have to have a go at shortcake.

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                  Try this source out for your strawberries (yes I know it is a bit of a drive) but the flavor is worth it! It is a PYO (Pick Your Own) farm.


                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    Man, I haven't gone fruit picking since my school days but those were some of the best memories. Seems like a perfectly good way to spend a day.

                    From their blog: "...Unless you crave poop and pepper tea, ivory soap and sand, don't eat the berries in the field until washed."


                    1. re: amokscience

                      I am not sure whereabout in the plex you live but if you are on your way up north through McKinney stop at the McKinney Farmers Market and grab you a bottle of the Fig Basalmic Vinegar from Jerry Farrell at Texas Olive Ranch. It makes a real nice maceration for the fruit.


                  2. re: amokscience

                    If you are closer to Arlington, you might try Gnismer Farms, though I haven't been myself. Just saw it one day while driving through Arlington.


                    1. re: CocoaNut

                      Gnismer Farms supposedly sold out of strawberries as they were picked out last weekend their opening weekend, but then again there are conflicting stories in the DMN. Either way it is closer but closer also means crowds of people.



                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                        Hmmm.... guess I should call before I go.... whenever that may be. REading your links, looks like blackberries will be in the end of May. My grandmother used to make a killer b'berry cobbler - might have to get some of those also. The "crowd" issue wouldn't surprise me. I do wonder, as the "newness" of the season wears off and temps rise, if the crowds will dissipate somewhat.

                        Anyway, depending on how far anyone would like to drive, here's a link to a number of surrounding farms. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see links to ALL of Texas, by region. You may have additional info to share of some of these as well???

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                          I use that site also CN along with LocalHarvest!

                          I have had very good success with it. For peaches I go out to Larken Farms in Waxahachie. Last year they were small but the best I have had in recent memory. Most people head out to Parker County but I have rarely seen more than 2 people besides my family out there at Larken. Last year we also picked blackberries at Larken (only one other individual out there with us). We had the best 3 hours of picking. Got some real nice berries too!


                          Between you and I this is farm I am looking forward to visiting this year.


                          I know it says CSA but I am sure I can talk em into letting me come out! The list of Slow Food Ark of Taste items (basically dying heirloom varietals of any vegetable fathomable) that Cold Springs has is astounding.