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Mar 9, 2010 06:08 AM

Looking for Kielbasa & Crushiki and other Easter goodies

I've been buying from Czerw's Kielbasy for years but wanted to know if there's any other place I should try. Suggestions on where to buy Babka would also be appreciated!

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  1. I have received good reports about Krakus Market and L.Lachowicz Polish Market, although I have not visited them myself. The reports come from my seven elderly Polish aunts. I believe that both markets are in the Kensington/Port Richmond area.

    1. czerw's is pretty much the standard in that neck of the woods, krakus is decent too. beware of krakus though, they have very unhelpful hours of operation....

      rieker's is a german butcher, but they have some overlap with eastern europe, specifically with kielbasa.

      1. I work with a ton of professional Philadelphia Pollacks who really know their food. According to them, you are heading to Port Richmond. For Easter, you are also calling ahead if you want any sort of quantity, and you are going there expecting to wait in line. A long line. It will be worth it.

        Marian's Bakery: 2615 Allegheny Ave. (215) 634-4579. They also have Babka, but Szypula's is better.

        Szypula Bakr: 3050 Richmond Street. (215) 634-5756

        Czerw's Kielbasy: 3370 Tilton Street. (215) 423-1707. I know you said that this is where you've been going & might be looking to try another place, but the consensus is Czerw's is the best.

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          the "other" keilbasa place is Swiacki Meats at 3623 Salmon Sreet - Kind of the polish version of who makes the best cheese steaks

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            Thanks, Big! I'm envisioning a kielbasa shoot-out, with kielbasa and pierogi at high noon on Allegheny Avenue.

            Here's the link for Czerw's, in case anyone is interested.

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              This also seems like the Polish version of waiting in line at Ippolito's on Christmas Eve for the Seven Fishes dinner.

            2. re: PattiCakes

              Do any of those bakeries sell paska?

              1. re: lawgirl3278

                Paska is pretty easy to make. I fyou do that it will be much better and fresher.

              1. My Babka is always picked up by a co-worker but she told me she goes to Marian's on Allegheny Ave near Almond - it is out of this world!