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Mar 9, 2010 05:53 AM

Seeking authentic Irish cuisine

Any recommendations for where to find traditional Irish cuisine? Specifically looking for crubeens (crubini), colcannon, skirts and kidneys, drisheen, coddle, boxty, and/or a really fantastic Irish breakfast.

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  1. Shopsins does a version of colcannon.

    There are many Irish pubs that offer a traditional Irish breakfast. Molly's does a good one.

    I am really not sure about those other dishes. Americans are pretty skittish about offal, so it may not be so easy to find. You could try a "find a food" search on menu pages.

    1. Although you'll find a big fried breakfast in many "Irish" pubs - consider St Dymphna's on St Mark's Place - I am not aware of any restaurant in the city serving serious Irish cuisine. Very few places serve kidneys at all - you might find veal kidneys French-style at La Grenouille. Maybe the closest thing to crubeens is the breaded pig's head at Momofuku Ssam Bar.

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        La Grenouille definitely serve veal kidneys (rognon de veau) in the classic mustard sauce.


        When we were at Cercle Rouge a few days ago, we noticed "Rognons de Veau Bordelaise" on the menu.

        With regard to Irish food, I've only had the excellent burger at Molly's Shabeen, but acc. to their website, the brunch menu, served Saturday and Sunday, includes "The Irish Breakfast Deluxe."

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          I agree with St, Dymphna's, also Donnybrook (LES) and Slainte (Bowery) both have a good Traditional Irish Breakfast plus pour a nice pint of Guinness. Skirts and Kidneys are pork not veal and have not seen that traditional dish here, although you can find steak and kidney pies at some Irish pubs like Finnegans wake. Crubeens (pigs trotters) I know they have stuffed pigs feet for 2 (not traditional just salted and boiled) at the Breslin although I have never had. Cheers!