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Mar 9, 2010 05:51 AM

Harwood Arms?

Sounds good for tonight, any reviews????

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  1. there have been lots - do a search

    1. I hope you go for it... everyone loves the food there.

        1. Had a reasonably pleasant dinner here on our trip.

          Good, straightforward, uncomplicated food. Mrs H had a red mullet starter and a mackerel main (the latter very similar to Kenny Atkinson's dish on Great British Menu). Both winners.

          I had an eel tart (good concept, bland and boring delivery) and lamb chops, which came with haggis & turnip croquettes.

          Desserts were marmalade ice-cream and and a buttermilk cream with raspberries.

          Fuller details:

          Worthy of its Michelin star? Only if you also consider that there are many scores of similar restaurants throughout the country of this quality and better, which should also have one.

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          1. re: Harters

            Did you ever get to Hereford Road? I loved the dinner we had there, himself was not as taken with it.

            1. re: buttertart

              No. I sought views on another board as to which we should try, as cuisine seemed similarish. There was an absolutely consistent view that Harwood was in a different class. Maybe next trip whenever that is - we might live less than 200 miles away but years pass between visits.

              1. re: Harters

                I liked it a lot but it was VERY plainly done (had a beautiful boiled crab and a nice piece of roast pork, some manner of dessert, forget for once what he had). He felt poor rapport prix:qualité, I thought not bad. (He may have been done in by early-morning panel session and our hotel room - in July and in the 20's - which was unairconditioned and the windows boarded over for renovations - and "dreadfully sorry, Madam, no other rooms are available".)

          2. Just returned from London. I ate here and thought it good but expected much more for the raves it gets here and in Time Out. I found it interesting that many of the places my friends who live in London eat at weren't listed in books or Time Out eating guide and that they didn't know many of the places I found mentioned here or in guides, and they are very social and eat out a great deal. Guess it is just the nature of eating out in a big city.