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Mar 9, 2010 05:49 AM

Between Rockford, IL and Steven's Point WI

This weekend we are traveling to Steven's Point, WI from downstate IL. We are open to any dining suggestions along the way, especially the Steven's Point area, where we will stay the weekend.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      Yes Please do stop in Madison! We have tons of great restaurants here!
      Is there a particular time of day or style of food you want? That would narrow things down quite a bit.
      It should be a nice spring weekend, so I would say dining downtown or on the square would be a nice way to spend some time. Then you can have a walk and take in a few sights before hitting the road again.

      The discussions listed above have some great info, but several of the places listed have closed or moved, so if you are leaning a certain way, I am sure we can provide an alternative!

      1. re: kittenwithawhip

        Thank you for the info. We will be coming thru Madison early Friday afternoon. A late lunch would be fine. Some of the places that caught my eye were "The Old Fashioned", "Blue Moon", and Smokey's". Any confirms or detractors?

        1. re: rickbrown47

          We were just in Madison this past Sunday and went to the square for a late lunch. At 2:30 pm there was a wait for a table at The Old Fashioned (and it was really loud inside). Disappointed because we loved the historical feeling of the building, we kept wandering. A happy turn of events. We ended up at Brocach, the Irish Pub one leg around on the square. Loved it - the atmosphere was quiet, it authentically felt like I was back in Ireland, and the food was good.

          1. re: shaja

            The nice thing about the square that the streets around the Capitol form is that, if one place is too busy, there are plenty of others nearby. There are also lots of parking garages in the vicinity in addition to metered street parking.

            I ate at the Old Fashioned for lunch last year and liked it a lot, with excellent sandwiches and salads. You place your order on a line that forms at the end of the bar, then they bring the food to you. It's a fairly large place and the line moves quickly, so don't be discouraged if you can't be seated immediately.

            Marigold Kitchen is a block away, so that's another fallback if the Old Fashioned is too busy. It's another excellent place where you place your order on a line and they bring it to you. They're known for breakfast (which I ate last year) as well as lunch.

            1. re: nsxtasy

              Old Fashioned on the square is always a good choice, Marigold is also nice, be aware that they close at 3, so if lunch is too late, that may not be an option. But as mentioned above, there are many good places within blocks, just walk down King St or head over to La Mestiza:
              a brand new place getting great reviews.

              Off the square, I would suggest Weary Traveler above Blue Moon.
              Great food, bar, neighborhood. On your way out, stop by Willy St Coop just down the block to pick up some goodies for the rest of the trip!

    2. In Stevens Point, I would recommend the following:

      Fine Dining:
      @1800 in the Sentry Insurance Building
      Silver Coach

      Hilltop Restaurant
      Politos Pizza
      Emy J's/ Cafe Espresso

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      1. re: David Z

        Can't argue with any of David Z's suggestions, but I'd add a few more. Like the Silver Coach, Christian's Bistro features elcetic Cajun-influenced cuisine. Both are great and very popular; I prefer the Silver Coach but the newer Christian's has gotten rave reviews. It would be smart to make reservations at either place.

        For quality casual food in a pub atmosphere I'd add Grafittis on the Square and Mikey's in Plover. They each have more interesting chow than the Hilltop, although the Hilltop is fun in a lot of ways. Best place this weekend, though, is Clancey's Stone Lion just east of Point. Clancey's is celebrating St. Patty's week, and is offering Irish food specials in the most authentic Irish-style pub in town.

        1. re: Rick from Point

          Can't believe I forgot Christian's. I agree about Clancy's, it would be great. to be there this weekend.

          1. re: David Z

            We ate at Christian's Bistro in Plover (just south of Stevens Point) this past weekend, and it was outstanding in every way. I'm not sure I would have described it as eclectic or Cajun-influenced, despite Christian's tenure under Lagasse; I think it sits firmly in the milieu of contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients where available. But whatever you want to call it, we enjoyed it!

            I just posted a detailed report in the topic about Central Wisconsin at Thanks to those who recommended it here!

            Christian's Bistro
            3066 Village Park Dr, Plover, WI 54467