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Mar 9, 2010 05:43 AM

weekday breakfast spot in framingham/southborough area

Trying to find a nice place (good food and ambience) for a casual business meeting tomorrow morning somewhere between Boston and Worcester. Doesn't have to be fancy but should be tasty.

Should be not too far from either route 9 or 90. Any ideas?

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  1. only place I can think of would be Harry's on Rte 9 westbound in Westboro (just past Lyman St intersection) - not the best looking place but very good breakfasts.

    1. J and M diner is off 126/30 near the malls in Framingham. Good food, kind of cramped. Joan and Ed's Diner is in Sherwood Plaza on Rt 9. Food's not as good but the atmosphere may be better for a meeting. 2nd Harry's.