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Mar 9, 2010 05:28 AM

Montreal hounds looking for help!

Hello, NY hounds! We are coming for the first time to NYC on Easter weekend. We're staying at the World Center Hotel and are super excited to explore all things "foodie"! We'll be visiting for 3.5 days and would love suggestions for any of the following: nearby food markets, good buffalo wings, pizza, and sushi and also any great wine bars. Other than the amazing markets here, these are some of the things we seem to lack in Mtl and would really appreciate your help!

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  1. Another Montreal hound here who's going to NYC in a couple of weeks. For pizza, I really Keste or Co. If the weather is nice, you could walk across Brooklyn Bridge and go to Grimaldi's but the line can be long especially on holiday weekends. You could also try Otto which is a Batali joint. Food is not the greatest of his restaurants but the atmosphere is fun. I prefer Lupa for good pasta.

    Can't help you with sushi (allergies) but I could mention a place that is not a wine bar per se but still quite close to it, Inoteca in the Lower East Side. While you're there, head to Economy Candy on the same street a few blocks east. You could also hit T-Poutine, Montreal's Thierry Pepin NYC take on Quebec's poutine. He gets his curds shipped from Vermont I believe. In the same area, you could hit Katz and compare it with Schwartz's and stir the friendly war.

    As for Buffalo wings, I'D suggest to head to Duff's... in Buffalo! If you want Buffalo wings, you have to go to Buffalo. Same for a Mission burrito, you have to go in SF.

    One note that has nothing to do with food bit still worthy of note, your hotel is right next to Ground zero and the area is usually noisy all the time. Day and night. Just thought you should know.

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      Grimaldi's is not that great. Keste is a bit too soft/chewy/dense. Otto's pizza is grilled and not really indicative of what NY has to offer. Of those, the only one I'd endorse is Co aka Company. Otto does have nice atmosphere, and good salads, pasta, gelato.

      'inoteca on the LES is nice, there's also another location in Gramercy. However, the LES location is insanely popular and you might end up waiting 1+ hr even at an early dinner time like 6pm.

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        Haven't been to the LES 'inoteca, but we've been to the Gramercy location several times. The food's delicious. Originally, they did not take reservations, but I think that has changed.

        Photos from one of our meals at 'inoteca Gramercy here:

        The pizza we had a Co. was good, but the crust is not as thin as at some other places.

        Co. photos here:

        For very good thin crust pizza, I recommend Posto.

      2. re: Campofiorin

        That may explain why we got such a good deal. Oh well, I don't think we'll be spending too much time in the room anyway! Thanks for the rec's!

      3. As a goof but great food try Mile End on 97 Hoyt Stree in Brooklyn for awesome smopked meat.
        Do not go to Grimaldi for pizza, go to Motorino on Graham in Brooklyn also Franny's
        But you must maker your way to Di Fara's in Brooklyn for the best pizza in America.
        Go to Junior's for a great strawberry cheesecake and old fashioned restaurant.
        Katzs for the pastrami on Houston for a late night snack.
        Chinatown for the scene and decent food, the least of the chinatowns
        B and H on second avebue for aold time Jewish soups and treats
        Moshe's Bakery on second around sixth for great Jewish baked stuff
        If you need a guide, I'm in just buy the food I am broke

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        1. re: foodismylife

          I second Motorino, Franny's, and Di Fara.

          For cheesecake, try this survey of NY style cheesecakes so you know what to expect:

          1. Union Square food market Saturday morning even better than Jean Talon
            Murray's bagels only bagel worth eating
            Please bring me some St Vitauer sesames I would be much obliged
            Mile End does Montreal bagels also
            Go to Russ and Daughters on Houston for a great smoked salmon experience

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              Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! Can't wait to check out the market. We'll be sure to try a bagel or two and will report back on the winner:)

            2. NYers aren't typically experts on where all of the hotels are (after all, we sleep in our own apartments usually). From Google it looks like your hotel is by Battery Park. Not really a food hot spot. You'll probably need to go a bit north and/or east for what you seek.

              Best sushi is HIGHLY dependent on what you're willing to spend -- are you looking for an omakase experience where you sit at the sushi counter and the chef creates nigiri pieces in front of your eyes? Or more like crazy maki rolls? I think the board favorite is probably Sushi Yasuda but be prepared to drop some serious cash.

              Not an expert on buffalo wings, sorry. But have you seen these threads?

              Don't leave NY without eating these foods

              For cheap eats, try out some street food:

              I highly recommend RGR's self guided Lower East Side Gustatory tour:

              Best brunch:

              Best pizza: my take

              Best foodie shopping:

              Best mixology:

              Top Ten Bars for Beer Snobs

              Manhattan for 5 days over New Year

              Other hounds' itineraries/reports:

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                Thanks for the links, it looks like they'll be helpful! I've done some preliminary searching, but there is just so much to choose from! As for sushi, we aren't looking to spend more than $50-75 or so for two of us, not including drinks.

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                  At that price point, I would go to Ushiwakamaru or Kanoyama.

              2. i like bleecker st's pizza a lot especially their nonna maria. they also have the best grandma slice ive ever had. its just 2.75 and if u dont like it i guess u could try out keste, joe's or john's which are all like within a block or so of bleecker st pizza.
                btw BSP's pizza is a thin crusted ny styled slice, not neopolitan like keste and motorino.