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Mar 9, 2010 05:27 AM

Fish Taco Dressing - Mayo or Sour Cream?

Heading to SD from Florida this weekend and planning a fish taco binge.

General consensus - are most served with ranch (mayo+catsup)... or sour cream... or something else?

I don't care for mayo so I may be looking to avoid that.

After much research on this board, places on my list to try include...

South Beach
Pt Loma
Bull Taco
El Zarape
Mariscos German
Bay Park

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  1. Ranch is definitely not a fish taco component, unless you go to South Beach. Also, mayo+ketchup isn't ranch, that's more an approximation of 1000 Island dressing. Ranch is mayo, buttermilk, spices, etc.

    Fish taco dressing is normally a white sauce made with some mayonnaise, but also other components. It's fairly thin in consistency.

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    1. re: Josh

      Took some cooking classes with Deborah Schneider (Baja Cooking on the Edge author) and she says it is mayo thinned out with water and a little white vinegar, so the mayo goes a long way.

    2. The best deep fried fish tacos in town are to be had at Mariscos El Pescador in Chula Vista which is not on your list, but should be. For awesome grilled fish tacos, try the Sea Rocket Bistro stand at Saturday's Little Italy Farmer's Market. You can enjoy their grilled whole sardines while you are there as well.

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      1. re: Captain Jack

        Second that, for sure.

        Have you tried the Beyer truck on 22nd (I think) and Imperial? Across from the Farmers Market building. I've had some very good tacos there, but haven't tried the fried ones. They have one they call 7 Chilies, which they'll do with your choice of seafood. It's quite spicy.

        1. re: Josh

          Hey, that sounds really good. Thanks for the tip Josh, I'll try to break away form my current obsession with the gobernaders at the OB MG truck, and check it out

          1. re: Captain Jack

            A guy there one day turned me on to something called pata negra - it's a type of clam, I think. Very tasty. I believe they do them on the half-shell.

          2. re: Josh

            The Gobernador (grilled shrimp with cheese and peppers) is my fave taco at that 22nd and Imperial truck, if you haven't tried it Josh I think you'll like it.

            For fried fish tacos the best I've had have consistently been at the Kiko's Tacos truck at 35th and El Cajon. Not that I've been everywhere.

            1. re: jayporter

              I'll have to check those out. I'm not wild about German's gobernador, but I really like the one at the El Pescador truck in CV. I'll try to break away from the 7 Chilies at Beyer one of these days.

          3. Thanks for all the good ideas so far! I will add Mariscos El Pescador in Chula Vista to my list.
            Meanwhile... a local suggested Kotija Taco Shop, 663 N Broadway, Escondido, CA 92025

            No word about it on this board. Any comments?

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            1. re: CFByrne

              Is it Kotija or Cotija. There is a local chain called Cotija (which, by the way, is actually a Mexican cheese).

              Cotija's is your average run of the mill SD taqueria (emphasis on average) . Some are better than others, it depends on how well managed the location is as to how good it is.

              If it's actually spelled Kotija it's more likely it might be an independent shop. There is a well known local taqueria chain called Roberto's. You'll also see lots of other taquerias around town with names that end in "berto". Many of them are spin offs from the original, or relatives or former employees that have gone out on their own. If it is Kotijas with a K, it might be the same type of situation.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                hah... almost sounds like the "Ray's Pizza" copycat/spinoff phenomenon in NYC...



                Jerry Seinfeld: [Talking about Kramer being lost] What's around you?
                Cosmo Kramer: I'm looking at Ray's pizza. You know where that is?
                Jerry Seinfeld: [Looks surprised] Is it Famous Ray's?
                Cosmo Kramer: [Looks] No, it's just original.
                Jerry Seinfeld: [Looks even more suprised] Famous ORIGINAL Ray's?
                Cosmo Kramer: It's just original, Jerry!

              2. re: CFByrne

                To add to Diva's comments, taco shops are a dime-a-dozen in San Diego. We've all eaten at them, especially late at night after drinking too heavily. Taco shops can make for a decent quick bite, but there are very few I'd suggest going out of your way for. Not to beat this all-too-beaten dead horse, but lots of locals line up to eat at Cheesecake Factory, too.

              3. CF....

                A few things to note. 1) I am an avid Mayo hater. Can't stand the stuff. As a kid I hated Tuna fish and it wasn't until high school that I realized Tuna is good....Just hated the mayo they added to Tuna Sandwiches. The "sauce" in most fish taco's (whether made with mayo or not) does not taste at all like mayo. I love fish taco's. You are in the clear when it comes to endulging...I would not worry about the sauce.

                Two place which may be worthwhile to try...1) rubio's fish taco's. This is a franchise type place...not amazing, but decent classic taco's and relatively cheap. Rubio's in the place "credited" with bringing the Baja style fish taco to the U.S. (atleast mainstream). Also on Tuesday (after 4) the taco's are $1.25.

                Another place is Longboards (or R.T.'s Lonboard GrillI in pacific beach. The taco's are decent and massive (atleast last I went) and on Tuesday's are I believe still $1.25 and they have discounted corona's and Pacifico's $.99 05 $1.25.

                I know you said weekend...however for out of towners....Tuesday is definitely Taco Tuesday in SD and Virtually all places that serve alcohol have some sort of Taco special.

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                1. re: csils

                  Thanks to all so far.

                  I stepped off the plane, into rental car, and drive right to Mariscos German on Ocean Beach and had a fish taco and marlin taco. They both were wonderful but the Marlin was ridiculoiusly good beyond description. The fish taco had white dressing on top, I scraped off some but not all figuring I will live somehow... and sure enough, I enjoyed.

                  I then walked 3 blocks to South Beach and had a fish taco (deep fried of course), no dressing. It was excellent also. However if I am back in the area it will be M/R truck for me.

                  Today perhaps Bull Taco and maybe Brigantine for a variety of seafood.