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Mar 9, 2010 04:19 AM

Help with winter CSA overload please! cabbages and potatoes galore...


This winter, I am a member of not just one but two CSA's (don't ask) - at this point, I've built up a sizable backlog of beautiful organic potatoes of all descriptions (yellow fingerlings, red norlands, yukon golds, some white variety too) and various cabbages (red, green, savoy, napa), this despite the fact that I've been preparing potatoes and/or cabbage a few times a week through the winter! Delicious vegetables, all of them... but we are just a little tired of them at this point. I've made potatoes mashed, pan-roasted, oven-roasted, salad, sliced thin and steamed with butter and herbs, soup (with and without cabbage)... spicy sauteed cabbage, roasted cabbage, cabbage soup (with and without potatoes), stir-fried. I'd love your suggestions to reawaken an interest in these vegetables - we've got a lot to go through, and spring is on its way! Thanks for anything you've got... much obliged!

  1. If you've got red cabbage, I love it slowly cooked with carmelized onions and some apple. It's got a sweet and sour thing going on from apple cider vinegar and honey/brown sugar.

    I love napa cabbage stir fried with lots of garlic and ginger and a bit of hot sauce. Great combined with some crispy tofu- lots of contrasting textures.

    Have you shredded your potatoes? You can make great latkes or rostis or a potato kugel.

    Try boiling some small potatoes, crushing them, and finishing them off in some herb/garlic oil. The outsides get deliciously crispy, while the insides are warm and creamy.

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        1. i envy you your csa's! time for colcannon. loosely, it calls for mashed potatoes, leafy green (so cabbage is fine), onions (shallots, leeks or scallions work), some crisp cooked pork (i'm using bacon this week), and some grated cheese (this week it's sharp cheddar).

          if you have cool place you could do a knockout sauerkraut, mixing your cabbage. plus you get the benefit of preserving it instead of having to use it now.

          1. How about getting your mind ready for spring with some lighter dishes, especially for the cabbage? This Malaysian cabbage and egg recipe is fantastic:


            The salads and pickles at the bottom of the page are excellent with cabbage as the ONLY vegetable, too (though I think the salad needs the pineapple).

            Potatoes are something I get weary of too, so I'm afraid I'm no use to you there.