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Mar 9, 2010 12:51 AM

Oddly specific request, I know...

I've been living in Portland for awhile now and I'm ashamed to say I haven't been able to take advantage of the mind boggling selection of restaurants. This must change! There's just a few little obstacles. Due to a leg injury, I can't walk much for awhile. Booths are a pain because I can't shift to get comfortable as needed, a consideration for few months at least. Also, no driving! So...

I'm looking for places that are within 1-3 blocks of the MAX and have tables. That's my major criteria. Any bakeries you might know of would also be spiffy. So if you've got a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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  1. Do you have a budget or an atmosphere you're looking for? And must this be downtown, or anywhere near a MAX line?

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    1. re: route99west

      Budget's fairly flexible, though I'd like to know in advance for dressing. The only atmospheres I think would be objectionable is the loud sportsbar or clubbing sort, anything else is fair game for the pursuit of deliciousness. :D And anywhere there's a MAX is just fine, I don't need only downtown places.

    2. A few that I can think of:
      Near Old Town/Chinatown stop: Ping and Davis Street Tavern
      Near Oak SW 1st: Karam
      Near Galleria: Gruner, a little farther are Kenny and Zuke's and Clyde Common (these might be more like 4 blocks)
      At the Round in Beaverton: Mingo

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      1. re: Nettie

        The Yellow & Green (you didn't say which lines) lines run on 5th & 6th, the entire length of downtown. So that gets you Urban Farmer, Nel Centro, Higgins, Ping, Park Kitchen, & Davis St. Tavern. Near Blue/Red line Galleria stop is East India Co.

        1. re: Leonardo

          Ah! Thank you for all the suggestions! First stop is Mingo tomorrow, since it's very close. :D