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Mar 8, 2010 10:58 PM

What to serve vegetarians on St. Patrick's day

I'm sorry my past few posts have all been the same - (Help, I'm having vegetarians over for theme dinner x, what do I serve them?), but this one really has me stumped. I'd like to serve them some sort of veggie protein so they don't have to fill up on cabbage and potatoes, but I'm not really sure what to do. I keep wondering if I could riff on corned beef with tempeh, as tempeh is used in alot of veggie reubens, but I doubt that it would work. Any thoughts?

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  1. Call me uncreative, but couldn't you just go ahead and *make* veggie reuben sandwiches? They sound delicious! And I bet your guests would appreciate not having to eat side dishes. Make sure to have a salad. There's also a recipe on chow for Irish potato pancakes ( ). That's another option.

    1. Colcannon is often vegetarian. You can use either kale or cabbage, or both.

      Vegetarian Reubens are a great idea, CM. To give them a little protein boost, I've made them for my son using tempeh that has been sauteed in oil until well-browned, and then lightly salted. That makes them a little heartier than just leaving out the corned beef.

      1. Love love love colcannon. I make it with cabbage but as bear said, you can use kale too.

        I make veg "reubens" at home all the time. I've not tried it with regular tempeh. I like using a product called FakinBacon. It comes in thick strips and has a nice smokey flavor. One word too about sauerkraut -- beware that some places will make it using fatback. So if you are buying it "fresh" at a deli counter, be sure to ask first.

        1. A nice pea pesto spread over crostini would make a nice appetizer, too.

          1. That is quite a challenge! Agree with the Colcannon. Maybe also a side of peas, mint and pearl onions. Or spinach and artichoke dip in pumpernickel bread for the color even if not the authenticity. Possibly a chilled veggie or hot soup such cream of veg or tomato (albeit non-traditional) in a crockpot? Soups are delicious and ubiquitous in Ireland. And of course Irish soda bread with Kerrygold butter.