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Mar 8, 2010 09:04 PM

Spanish Food Items in Calgary?

I am hosting a dinner party this weekend and the theme is a Taste of Spain. I"m wondering if there is a specific Spanish/Portuguese specialty store here in Calgary? I know I can find most of my pantry items at Lina's or the Italian grocery store (ie. chorizo, paella rice, manchego) but is there a specialty Spanish/Portuguese bakery and somewhere that sells real jamon?


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  1. The last time I visited 'The Italian Store' they were selling jamón serrano. I assumed it was the real meal deal.

    The Italian Store
    5140 Skyline Way Northeast
    Calgary, AB T2E 6V1
    (403) 275-3300

    The Italian Store
    5140 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6V1, CA

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      Worldwide Specialty Foods, a wholesaler, has in the past brought in several grades of jamon. Call them and I'm sure they will tell you who their customers (retailers) are. I would imagine they also bring in other Spanish products as well, like saffron, olives, etc for the same customers.

      Don't forget the tempranillo, the palomino, and most importantly, the sherry.

      1. re: Scary Bill

        Sorry for the late response and thank you --

        I didn't get to the Italian store -- ran out of time. But I did find two styles of spanish jamon --

        The one at the italian supermarket on 20th ave NE was more prociutto like. At Lina's they had a serrano style -- much darker in colour and more flavourful, in my opinion. But both were good. Italian supermarket was much less chaotic on a Saturday morning.

        We had lots of tempranillo and rioja -- and of course some fino sherry.

        thanks again for your suggestions -- i will keep both of those in mind when we do this type of meal again!