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Mar 8, 2010 08:03 PM

I need a good butcher in Queens

I would really appreciate recommendations for a good butcher in Queens. I'm looking to purchase fresh meats such as chicken breasts (preferably Bell & Evans), ground beef (sirloin), steak (love skirt steak), etc. Most important is freshness! Thanks in advance for guidance :)

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  1. For skirt steak, I think Metro Meats in Forest Hills is fantastic. It's on the pricey side but well worth it. I think they have chicken breasts there as well - though I haven't bought them there as I am too focused on the skirt steak. We have also bought chuck from Metro Meats to grind ourselves and the quality has also been really good.

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      I've gotten great skirt and hanger steaks, grass-fed, from Aaron's, on Woodhaven Blvd. Its kosher, so you can't get filet or NY strip...they also carry buffalo.

      1. re: EricMM

        that place is so strange--couldn't figure it out when I went there...just an area where they cut things, but absolutely no display--and the place smelled just the worst kosher butcher smell i mentioned in the same posters other post regarding costco, try Mitch's metro meats on Metropolitan, he's a good guy--and Iavorone in New Hyde Park--don't care for the other iavorone as much--and did not like Ottomanelli's in Fresh Meadows---Fairway will be opening eventually in Little Neck, so you'll have some more choices then--there is also Mario's in Middle Village, but the parking is such a pain there.

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          What about Ottomanelli in Woodside? I just read another post about how all the ottomanellis are cousins but not affiliated so the quality doesnt automatically carry over. ANyway, whats experience with Woodside location?

          Any other recs for around there? There's alot of spanish joints I see off roosevelt.

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            International Meat Market in Astoria (30th ave b/w 35th and 36th streets) always has fresh meats and they will prepare in any way that you need. definitely the best in astoria.

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              Yeah I def wanna hit them up.

              Has anyone tried Sunnyside Meat Market?

              1. re: 2slices

                Sunnyside Meat Market is not really a butcher, I'd say their specialty is cold cuts. They do have some cuts of beef and pork, sometimes lamb (especially now, before Easter when they sell very young lamb), but I would not expect expert cuts. Other then that, their meat is fresh and reasonably priced.

                Sunnyside Meat Market
                43-10 43rd St, Queens, NY 11104

              2. re: Yaxpac

                I second International Meat Market. Super clean and very nice. They carry D'Artagnan poultry, which is a plus. Unfortunately, I don't live in Astoria, but will travel.

                International Meat Market
                36-12 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

      2. I had this same question this weekend. Was thinking of going to Whole Foods in the city, but decided to try the Meat Hook in Williamsburg. For now, it seems SS Natural is the best option. Though Metro Meats is a good butcher for non-organic red meat (got a great rack of lamb a few weeks ago from them).

        Anyone know where SS Natural gets their meat from?

        Metro Meats
        102-23 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

        The Meat Hook
        100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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          By the way, don't go to Meat Hook. It's way expensive and not worth it. Like a fool, I went back and got screwed again. I have to say, I'm not cheap about my meat. If the quality is amazing, I don't mind paying for it.

          I tried Mario's Meat Market in Middle Village. I liked it, but only got some ground beef for a BBQ, so I can't say too much about it. But it's clean and friendly.

          75-55 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11379

          The Meat Hook
          100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

        2. I have a great butcher at 22-55 31st Street Astoria A&D Meat MArket
          last stop on the N train they have everything you can ask for if not just order they will get it.
          Fresh meats all kinds organic