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Mar 8, 2010 07:35 PM

Bento Boxes

Does anyone have any suggestions for available Bentos. This is for myself, not a child and I want something that looks cool and would hold enough for a 200 lb, 6-3 man. Appreciate any ideas... thanks in advance

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  1. Zojirushi's Mr. Bento?

    If you pack appropriately it should hold enough to keep you going.

    1. I have the Ms. Bento and love it! I am sure the Mr. Bento would hold a ton of food. I also like Laptop Lunches.

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        I heard that the Laptop Lunchboxes are pretty difficult to clean. What's been your experience?

      2. I use a plastic container called Keeper, a Japanese product. I found them at Container Store. Here's a link:

        It is bento-like, but the main compartment is one large one, and it comes with plastic divider that you can move to suit your needs. The plastic divider means that it is not liquid-proof and if you put liquid in one side, it will seep to the other. What I like is that the divider is removable, so you can easily clean the container. I also have a fixed compartmentalized box, but it is a pain to clean since each small box has to be cleaned.

        Maybe you can use two of these Keeper box. I have the larger 890mL box and it is perfect for me (I put small amount rice on one side, and main on other side). You can fit a surprising amount inside. I would probably put fruit in separate container and then stack everything into a bag for carrying.