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Mar 8, 2010 07:17 PM

First Time in Paris Mom and daughters- help!

My mom and three sisters and will be in Paris in March. I have read through a lot of the Pairs posts and have come up with an itenerary. Also any suggestions for pastry or cheese shops in the 8th would be great. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
day 1: arrive and head to spa
Late lunch around George V Four seasons?
Dinner: Ze Kitchen Gallerie
Day2: Lunch: Frenchie
Dinner: Violon d'Ingres
Day 3: Lunch: KGB
Dinner: L'Ami Jean
Day four: Early Brunch: Mama Shelter then Versailles
Dinner? Concierge reccomended Alcazar- havent seen many prmosing reviews
Day five: lunch: Le Breizh cafe
Dinner: table 28
Day six: Lunch MBC
Dinner: concierge reccomended Kong- havent seen any reviews on this

Some other places i was considering: Fish, Les Fables de la Fontaine, Afaria, Rech. Open for any suggestions. We are leaning to fun not too serious places where we can get great seafood, cheese and dessert. Ages in our group range from 18-54.

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  1. A few thoughts:

    A late lunch isn't that easy in Paris as lots of places don't do food after the traditional mid-day break, the hotel bar will be OK, but it is probably nicer to get out, the terrace at the "Café de l’Homme" has a great view across to the Eiffel Tower and serves all day. It is a short cab ride from the hotel, and a reasonable walk.

    You have both ZKG and KGB down, I think one is more than enough.

    Mama Shelter is great, but is completely the opposite side of Paris to Versailles, it is a good 90 minutes to travel between the two by public transport, and don't believe the 30 minutes that Google maps says (of course if you are staying there that is different).

    Alcazar is an interesting choice, I quite liked it for a change when I lived in Paris. It is stylish, and the food is reasonable, but it is owned by D&D a high quality British (Terrance Conran's before he sold out) restaurant company so isn't really Parisian.

    Kong is also interesting, I never got there, but it is more renowned for people watching than the decor.

    With Kong, Mama Shelter and Alcazar (the bar at least) you have three quite glamerous night spots where the the cool, trendy and fashionable can be found. Good spots if that is what you are looking for, but food isn't a USP for any of them.

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      Kong is simply bad, but as Phil explained, you don't go there for the food. Kong and Alcazar are the kind of places where you should eat before you go. Your backup list (Fish, Les Fables de la Fontaine, Afaria, Rech) is not just better but several times better. Fish and Fables are not devoid of their own see&be-seen quotient, if that is a consideration...

      Again I agree withi Phil on this other problem with Kong: You have it down for pre-Versailles brunch. You are in the 8th (I assume so since you are looking for a fromagerie in the 8th), which is the west side of Paris. It is a lot of schlepping to go from western Paris to the eastern tip, then south to Versailles.

      All the other restaurant addresses are good. Personally I would not schedule 2 good restaurants on the same day; overeating and "over-experiencing" are not such fun.

    2. Your itinerary looks fun! Ditto Phil's thoughts about Mama Shelter to Versailles; it's just too time consuming. Also, the vibe at Mama Shelter might be more entertaining at night than at brunch. As for Kong, you'll never see any reviews of it on this board because no food-lover would ever go there to eat. Why not have a drink, then hop on over the Pont Neuf for dinner at Quai-Quai on l'Ile de la Cite? It's not a foodie destination but it's pretty good and will certainly be 100x better than eating at Kong. My 2 cents on MBC- had dinner there on Sat night and while the service was good (Mr. Choukroun himself saw us to our table), the decor youthful and cute, the food was (for me) just okay. It was inventive in its own way I guess, but I think you might find it underwhelming after Table 28, though it will certainly be an edgier type of cuisine. My partner had a starter of chou romanesco covered in an ice cold tomato slush (granite?). Obviously the chef was going for a Slurpee/snow cone kinda texture but it was off-putting to say the least and extremely harsh on the teeth. That may be fine for a hot summer's day but clearly we're still in the dead of winter here. On a good note I did have a tasty chocolate dessert with crispy rice that popped in my mouth.

      1. "Fish, Les Fables de la Fontaine, Afaria, Rech....We are leaning to fun not too serious places where we can get great seafood," All fine ideas altho' Afaria has just the codfish balls I think, but they're great. At Afaria to get the good stuff (eg tapas-type) you must arrive early and snag and hog the common table.

        As big a fan I am of Wm Ledeuil, I agree ZKG and KGB are too much alike.

        John Talbott

        1. "Great seafood" in Paris? don't miss La Cagouille.

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            Thank you all for your suggestions, I really appreciate it!