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Mar 8, 2010 07:14 PM

la squisita artichoke hearts

anyone know who provides the supervision for this product? I can't figure out if the K on the side is a kosher symbol that I am unfamiliar with. looks like the outline of a state with the letter K in the middle.

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  1. can you post a picture of it?

    1. Most packaged food now has a customer service on the labeling. You can always call and ask "who provides your kosher supervision".

      1. Any state in particular?

        1. My guess is that it is a K in the country of Peru as they give hashgacha to those types of foods. I know that the crc in Chicago does not recommend the artichoke hearts from that hashgacha, but the artichoke bottoms packed in water are OK.

          1. I called the company and they said it was Kosher and supervised locally [Peru]. the symbol does look like the outline of the map of Peru with a big K in the center but I never saw this before. Has anyone?

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              You'll find it on a number of different brands of artichoke hearts and hearts of palms. You will find that it is VERY difficult to find artichoke hearts these days with mainstream certifications such as OU, as I believe they consider the artichoke hearts problematic due to insect infestations.