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Liberté chèvre crème fraîche

This has just shown up in local stores. Same container as the cow's milk crème fraîche, though with blue printing like the rest of the Liberté goat's milk line and, if I recall correctly, 35%MF versus 40%. Would have bought a tub for the gratin dauphinois I made on the weekend had I not already scored some lovely raw (cow's) milk Comté.

No mention of goat's milk crème fraîche on the Liberté website -- http://liberte.qc.ca -- which is in serious need of an updating.

Anybody tried it? What about possible uses? Am thinking it might be pretty awesome on fresh fruit. Wild blueberries with a dollop of chèvre crème fraîche and a drizzle of blueberry honey, anyone?

And speaking of Liberté, isn't it about time they brought out an unadulterated, unultrapasteurized organic heavy cream?

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  1. thank you for the insight
    just the perfect product I was looking for to make butter at home (goat milk gave shuddering results)
    ( to remind me of the nostalgia of fresh butter made from buffalo's milk)
    will report back after I locate it in downtown

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      I'm also happy with this news since I can't eat cow products anymore and spend some time hunting around for goat and sheep alternatives. Btw, the Liberté's goat butter is very good, divya, so you might want to try it before resorting to making your own. It's a relief to have a real product instead of oily margarine.

      What shops have the chevre creme fraiche?

      1. re: Plateaumaman

        The tubs I saw were at ExoFruits on Côtes-des-Neiges and the nearby Marché du Village on the corner of Lacombe and Gatineau.

        1. re: carswell

          I found some at the IGA on Cote St-Luc, next to the regular crème fraîche. I haven't figured out how to use it, but I just had to take one!

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            Thanks carswell. I should be in that area tomorrow (sadly, for a wake). I do hope it is available in or near JTM or in Plateau/Mile End district as well. I also have a cow's milk intolerance.

            divya, Liberté goat butter is fine. It isn't worth your while to make it, at least in economic terms.

            1. re: lagatta

              i will take ur wisdom and not try my experiments with chèvre crème fraîche, to make goat butter.
              have u seen any goat butter around!

              1. re: divya

                divya, not uncommon at all. I know they carry Liberté goat butter at Alfalfa natural foods shop at JTM and at PA supermarket on Parc. Think Loblaws, Provigo etc with natural foods sections carry it as well. Just check any natural foods shop or well-stocked supermarket in your own neighbourhood - I've seen it many places.

                2925 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, QC H1W, CA

      2. Oh my goodness - that sounds fabulous. I’ve never even heard of such a thing. How does it taste in comparison to regular crème fraiche? Does it have the slight funkiness of other goat derived dairy products?

        Right now I’m trying to imagine how this tastes. It’s making me think of Middle Eastern desserts. Honey, pomegranates, pistachios, walnuts... Oh yes... my, my... Lot's of possibilities.

        1. Carswell wrote: "And speaking of Liberté, isn't it about time they brought out an unadulterated, unultrapasteurized organic heavy cream?"

          I couldn't agree more. We have all the pieces of the puzzle to do this in Quebec but it's almost unknown. The majors all insist in putting gums and crap in their cream. Liberté would be perfectly set up to make this but, when I called them and asked, they said it wasn't possible. Sigh. Maybe if more people ask then they'll get the hint and actually start to make this.


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            I have this same thought EVERY time i have to buy 35% cream! I sent them an email asking if they could do it....i wonder why they say it isnt possible? do those additives also prolong shelf-life?

          2. We're going to leave the information about local product availability here on the Quebec board (though Liberte distributes outside of Quebec), but we'd ask that if the discussion gets into recipes and how best to use the different products that you take that thread to Home Cooking. You can post a link here to a thread you start there so everyone can find it.

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            1. re: The Chowhound Team

              They distribute a limited range of products outside of Quebec. AFAIK this isn't one of them.

            2. I've located this Liberté chèvre crème fraîche in Petite-Patrie, slightly east of JTM, at Mondiana, on Bélanger just east of Christophe-Colomb, and in the southwestern Plateau at Segall's, on St-Laurent just south of Duluth. Haven't happened to see it at JTM yet, nor at any major supermarkets; will keep looking.

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              1. re: lagatta

                Good news about Segal's. I"ve been looking for it at Marché Adonis, Fruiterie du Plateau and other shops and never found any.

              2. Picked up a tub a week or so ago. Not surprisingly, the product's similar to Liberté's cow's milk crème fraîche (though if anything thicker, even after stirring) and it's got a bit of a goaty tang. Actually, it's kind of like Liberté's 10% Greek-style goat's milk yogurt, only richer, creamier and probably less likely to curdle when heated.

                My sole use to date was in my favourite variant of rabbit with mustard and cream -- http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3101... -- a dish I've been making for years, and this rendition was one of the best ever, the sauce wonderfully unctuous and tangy.

                Am thinking the rest of the tub might be put to good use on a flammekueche or an asparagus, morel and spring onion pizza.

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                1. re: carswell

                  Got some at Segal's yesterday and have to agree that this product is outstanding. Will have to try the rabbit recipe, never mind the pizza idea. Sent a couple of tubs to cow-challenged family in Toronto who will no doubt be very grateful. I don't detect any goatiness, btw, but then maybe I'm not the best judge.

                  1. re: carswell

                    I found the new crème fraiche at Young Brothers' on Van Horne (great little market). A million thanks to Carswell for that recipe - I picked up some rable de lapin from Prince Noir at JTM, drenched 'em in a sauce made from equal parts said crème fraiche and grainy mustard, rolled 'em up and slowly baked 'em in a cocotte for an hour or so. Turned out a-ma-zing...

                    1. re: anachemia

                      I saw it at Marché Adonis today so it is becoming more widely available.

                      1. re: Plateaumaman

                        THIS HAS BEEN A GOD SEND. THANK YOU ALL FOR POSTING. You have no idea the searches I have done to find alternatives for cow dairy products for cooking. I searched Syndicat des producteurs de chèvre du Québec for goat cream and butter, Google searches and finally on Chowhound I found my salvation.

                        It is funny, if I was able to drive, I would have gone already to all of the markets you've mentioned to find these valuable products. Instead, I just asked my grocery manager at my local IGA if he could order Liberté goat cream and butter for me. Lo and behold my next visit they were all sitting on the shelves in the organic section (except the crème fraîche, it was in the regular cream section). Since there is a Liberté cow crème fraîche as well (beige packaging), to avoid confusion I requested goat cream (blue packaging, with 'goat' on it).

                        Marché Adonis Market at 2001 Sauvé St. W.: No Crème Fraîche, so I think it's worth pointing out that not all markets carry the same thing. They had goat feta in bulk behind the deli counter and sheep feta from Bulgaria in the self-serve refrigerated section. The sheep feta was VERY salty. So salty I never ate any of it but tossed it.

                        Our friend manages an IGA and he says if it's got a bar code, he can order it so I imagine that goes for any grocer. Let me know if you need the bar code for any Liberté goat products; I kept them all. That may sound weird, but to someone like me who is allergic to cow's milk, this is 10x better than using soy and margarine. The taste, texture and performance in cooking (curdling when heated up, separating when refrigerated) is incomparable.

                        1. re: phosphorosiroxy

                          Oh, I agree. But as for your salty ewe's feta; really you should have soaked it in PLAIN water in the fridge for a while (changing the water). Perhaps cutting it into chunks if you had one very large hunk.

                          1. re: phosphorosiroxy

                            That's good to know and handy to have goat butter and cream where you usually shop. I use the goat cream all the time in sauces now and no one is the wiser. You can also substitute ripe bananas for butter in a lot of baking recipes, very delicious, btw. Fyi, there has been a sale at Costco recently of a very nice sliced goat cheddar that even my goat-averse children enjoy, handy for gratinés.