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Mar 8, 2010 06:16 PM

Will Ko be interesting if I can't eat eggs (except in baked dishes)?

I can't eat eggs unless they're used in baking. In other words, no poached, scrambled, hard-boiled, and so on. I know that lots of Ko dishes involve eggs. I suppose I can indicate that I have an allergy but how accommodating will they be and how much of their menu will I be missing, given that many of their dishes seem to revolve around being topped off with an egg?

To give a comparable example, when I ate at Babbo, I had the lamb's tongue and asked for the 3-minute egg to be left off, and they did so and it was great. Will Momofuku be like that?

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  1. If they're cooked in a baked dish versus cooked separately, what's the difference? I'm sincerely curious about this.

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      The difference is that I can eat baked goods (by which, here, I mean things like bread, cake, muffins) but I get deeply ill if I eat poached, scrambled, boiled, runny, whatever. For what it is worth, an allergist I talked to said that difference in reaction is quite possible.

    2. from what i remember there was only 1 dish that had egg. their signature slow poached egg.

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        I agree, I can't recall "many of their dishes seem to revolve around being topped off with an egg". Besides the amazing egg with caviar, I can't remember ever coming across another egg.

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          If the OP goes for lunch, there is a different egg dish (not the one with the caviar and onion subise). This dish is excellent too (is accompanied by the bagel filled with cream cheese and bacon). The OP should indicate on the reservation form that he/she doesn't eat egg products. Ko has been very accomodating to my sister who doesn't eat pork products so I can't imagine they couldn't accomodate someone who doesn't eat eggs. BTW, on one of my last visits, there was a woman who didin't eat octopus, and the chef substituted duck breast instead.

        2. I HATE eggs...HATE them! and went to Ko about a month ago. Everything was really good. Just don't eat the egg dish. I took a bite of the soft boiled egg and almost threw up. So really....just don't eat it.