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Mar 8, 2010 06:03 PM

Weekend Visit - Additional Recommendations - Thoughts

We are going to be in NYC Friday morning - Monday morning. We have several set meals and some open slots. Looking to see if we have any flaws and to see if there are any suggestions for the open slots. Thanks for your ideas.

Friday morning:
Katz - breakfast
need late lunch/early dinner around 4 pm between the Circle Line terminal and Times Square - thinking maybe the Burger Joint (a little far up, but walkable).
Late dinner at Seasonal after theater (we have a reservation)

Breakfast - either around Times Square or up in the Columbia area. We will be walking from 116th and Amsterdam down to Museum of the City of NY and then down to the Met Museum. We can stop anywhere along the way. Our leading contender is Café Sabarsky for a snack before we go to the Met.
Late Lunch - Carnegie Deli - know some people have issues, but my husband really wants an authentic NY deli experience. If anyone has a better suggestion in the area between the Met and Times Square we are open.
Late dinner at Jean George after play (have reservation).

Brunch at Bar American after Museum of Natural History
Dinner - Keen's (have reservation)

Anything thoughts welcome.


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  1. 2 years ago, I went to the West Bank Cafe on the recommendation of RGR, and I probably never thanked her. Thanks RGR! I suppose I never reported back because I don't have a great way with words the way some other people on this board do. It's on 407 West 42nd Street (between 9th and 10th) which is pretty close to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. I'm not sure if that is the same thing as the Circle Line Terminal. I had a skirt steak and it was yummy. I loved the atmosphere, it was cozy and energetic, but you didn't feel like you were supposed to hurry up and leave so the server could wait on their next table. On that visit to NYC we also went to Keen's - you'll love Keen's! Have a great time!

    Edit: If you do decide to go to WBC for an early dinner, you will need to check if they are open at 4:00. I am from Minneapolis and a frequent visitor to NYC, so there are lots of things I don't know!

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      Suburban Girl, You don't have to have "a way with words." Your simple "Thank you" is sufficient. :) Happy to hear you enjoyed your meal at West Bank. To be honest, we have not been there in a long time, so I can't say personally how the food is at this point.

      We have been to Keens very recently. It is our favorite NYC steakhouse, and the food, as always, was delicious. That along first-rate service and the charming Old NY ambiance makes for an unbeatable combination. Good to know you had an excellent experience there. I'm sure Paqpin will, too.

      Photos of our recent dinner at Keens can be viewed here:

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        I'm glad I could finally say thank you almost 2 years later. I wonder if you are the one that recommended Keen's? If you were, thank you for that recommendation also. I was there with my mom and sister, and we shared the Porterhouse for 2, and there was some left over. It's nice that they let you split things. We also had potatoes, a vegetable and a shrimp starter. The server let us each take home a menu that showed the story of Keen's on it. We took them with us for our trip to the top of the Empire State building and we got various comments about having menus. It was funny. The menu is tucked away in my closet and I see it every once in a while and I think of my fond memories from Keen's.

        1. re: Suburban Girl

          It might have been my Keens recommendation, but it does have many fans on this board, so it could have been someone else.

          At most NYC steakhouses, major steaks do not come with sides, and whichever sides you order are meant to be shared. Also, steaks listed as for 2, 3, or 4 can be shared by more than the stated number unless there are gargantuan appetites involved. When my husband and I ordered the porterhouse for 2, we ended up taking home enough (along with the leftover sides) for two more delicious meals.

      2. re: Suburban Girl

        Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have been feeling guilty about Keen's because there are good steakhoues everywhere, but Keen's seems to clear the bar. We will certainly consider WBC. Their website is currently being remodeled, but it looks like a solid choice. Thanks again.

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          West Bank is certainly taking their sweet time with that website remodel. It's been in the works since late last year! What they do have up there looks absolutely nothing like the menu when we've been there. There appears to be a change in the style of the cuisine. What was Contemporary American now seems to be leaning Italian. Also, afaik, they're not open for dinner at 4 p.m.

          Trattoria Trecolori, on 47th St., b/t B'way & 8th Av. is not too far from the Circle Line. It's our favorite Italian in that area. The homestyle food is delicious, service is friendly and efficient, tables are nicely-spaced, and the decor is attractive. They stay open all afternoon and serve the same menu all day, so you can have dinner there at 4 p.m. Oh, and they've got a functioning, updated website.

          I've been wondering why you picked Katz's for breakfast. As thew points out, it's all about the pastrami there. Not that there's anything wrong with starting the day with a delicious pastrami sandwich. Katz's is *the* quintessential NYC deli (opened its doors in 1887!), and the quality of the deli is far, far superior to what you will get at Carnegie, which is way past its prime.

      3. You have a good lineup. Though I had a disappointing experience at Seasonal, others have more favorable reports. You can't go wrong with JG and Keen's. Cafe Sabarsky is a great choice, and be sure to try the Mozarttorte if you like chocolate and pistachio, and for coffee have the Einspanner.

        1. katz is "an authentic NY deli experience" - so carnegie might be redundant. also unless you want a pastrami sandwich for breakfast, im not sure katz is your best choice.....

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          1. re: thew

            As to why Katz for breakfast - we are taking a red eye and getting in at 6 am. We will have several hours to kill before we can get our City Passes and thought getting to Katz's (which is not really close to anything else we want to do) and then walking over the Brooklyn Bridge might be good. Which is why we have both Katz and Carnegie - we need the pastrami for lunch, but thought we would at least stop in to Katz. If there is a killer breakfast place that would be better we are open to that too.
            Thanks for the brunch suggetions. We may try one of those instead of Bar American. Also good idea on Dasiy May's. Do love BBQ.

            Thanks so much. This is all very helpful.

            1. re: PaqpIn

              If I were going out for breakfast (which we rarely do), I'd choose either Balthazar or Maialino. We've been to both for other meals, the food at both is delicious, and so I have no doubt that breakfast at either would be far superior to regular breakfast fare at Katz's.

              Balthazar breakfast menu:

              Maialino breakfast menu:

          2. > need late lunch/early dinner around 4 pm between the Circle Line terminal and Times Square

            What about BBQ at Daisy May's? Get some dry rub pork ribs, mac and cheese, a piece of cornbread, and a jar of sweet iced tea. And from the hours listed on their web site, they are open continuously throughout the day.

            > Breakfast - either around Times Square or up in the Columbia area.

            Community Food & Juice is the sister restaurant of the vaunted Clinton Street Baking Company, one of my favorite breakfast spots ever. Great pancakes.

            > Brunch at Bar American after Museum of Natural History

            Not sure why you want to leave the UWS, which is the land of the neverending brunch. I would go to Sarabeth's (no reservations), Good Enough to Eat (no reservations), Ouest (takes reservations), Nice Matin (which I think does take reservations), there are tons of places up there for good brunch. For lunch-ier food, there's Pinch/Smac, Shake Shack....

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              Great UWS brunch list. I would add Dovetail, which takes reservations and has a great brunch.