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Mar 8, 2010 06:00 PM

favorite wineries to visit near barcelona?

hello im curious as to what place chowhounders like to go and taste a bit of wine in the barcelona area. btw, is rioja spain's national wine, cuz im a big fan of white as well. id imagine there must be bus tours for the carless, but i dont like crowds, so i guess it's best not to go on a weekend. thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Can't help on the specifics but have no fear Spain produces some very good white wines including white Rioja (from NE Spain) and the current fashionable white Albarino (from NW Spain). Tours often don't get to great wineries and it probably doesn't make a lot of difference if it is week-end or not. Maybe best to find a good place to taste in town?

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        thanks for the link PBSF, as well as all your other useful info. i feel like i have so much planning to do, since ill be in spain a week from tomorrow. man did that go fast...anyway, it's nice to know you can take a train right to the town! btw, have you ever been to girona cuz we are considering staying overnight there before our flight to scotland the next day...

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          Girona is a beautiful well-preserved medieval town that is definitely worth visiting. Much of the old town is pedestrian only and lined with cafes, etc. It is easily reach by train. I have been there many times because one of my favorite restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca, is there.

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            any other places you can recommend for 2 adults on a smallish budget (but still wanting excellent food and wine?!). also, we were considering heading up to the mountains one day, but i don't think we'll have enough time. would you recommend staying put in girona, cuz it seems like there's plenty to do...thanks again, PBSF!

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              Hi unocal, we are heading off next week for Scotland followed by Girona, Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian. Travelling with two food savvy 18 year olds who are on a budget - I'd love to hear any suggestions as well!

      2. My favourite winery in the area is Irius - - It's about 3 hours drive from Barcelona though, so only recommended if you have a car. (It's actually in the province of Aragon, not Catalunya). It's a very new bodega with everything very high tech. They are well set up for tasting with a dedicated tasting room which looks like a lab.

        Closer to Barcelona, the Freixenet winery - - is easy to get to by train and has a great tour and tasting session. The village it's in is beautiful as well, so it makes a great day trip.

        1. I recommend going to the Torres Vineyards, esp. if you like whites. They have several good ones at reasonable prices, you can purchase a deluxe tasting that lets you try something like 6 wines plus a brandy. Also included is a tour of the super high-tech and "green" vineyards and cellars. Only 45 minutes outside of Barcelona by train and a 10-minute cab ride from the station. I've posted more on this elsewhere on the boards if you search.