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Mar 8, 2010 06:00 PM

This one has problem always. Why/

I tried to open ASK SUSHI MAN so many times in last few months. It always shows the message saying " This site has problem ..." Can't any one do something? It's very annoying

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  1. You're referring to the topic at

    I can open it without any problems.

    My previous computer had less memory and a slower processor. There was one topic in my local forum with 255 posts, and I always had problems any time I tried to open it. So I just avoided that topic. Now, with my new more capable computer, I haven't had those problems.

    The "sushi man" topic has 498 posts. I can only guess but it appears that you're in the same situation, that the horsepower of your computer is preventing you from viewing that topic.

    1. You started a thread about this a month ago.

      I answered you then, and I'll answer you now: when I open the "ask sushi man" thread, I don't see a message saying "this site has problem." I just see the thread. Have you tried opening the thread on a different computer? I suspect that's the issue.

      1. It's also opening for me without any problem. If you are using a PC then I suggest you look into something like the free CCleaner which clears your cache, empties your trash and deletes tracking cookies quickly, with no muss - no fuss. Seems to help my computer run better and open long threads on CH more quickly.

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