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Mar 8, 2010 05:49 PM

salad bars

Anyone know of restaurants in Montreal that have a nice salad bar like Deligence did years ago.

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  1. nope, except maybe "Le Commensal" .

    (and I just read on their webbie that they have a maximum price per plate, up to $13 for lunch and $16 for dinner,)

    "Depuis le 23 novembre 2009, tous les restaurants Commensal ont adopté la politique du Prix Maximum. Ainsi, peu importe la quantité de mets sains et savoureux que vous mettez dans votre assiette, vous ne payez jamais plus que 12,95 $ le midi ou 15,95 $ le soir. Et chez Commensal, vous n'avez aucun pourboire à verser!"

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    1. re: Maximilien

      scores has one
      it's not that good but everything is fresh and there is variety
      also unlimited soup

    2. I have no clue if they do; but I suspect vichy's might have one but it wouldnt be called 'nice'

      1. I heard there is one at Casa Grecque on the west Island (never tried)

        1. I work downtown and sometimes I go to the salad bar at Dame Nature in the Gare Centrale. They have the usual lettuce and standard veggies but also things like hummus, scallop salad, french green bean salad, pasta salad etc.. If you work nearby it is worth a trip for lunch or if you happen to be in the area but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there. Otherwise there is always Le Commensal which is a vegetarian/vegan salad bar/hot buffet which also has a dessert area.

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          1. re: PadmeSkywalker

            Although quite tasty, I think their scallops might be fake, they are much too uniform in size and shape...

            1. re: jptimbaud

              What exactly is a fake scallop made out of?

              1. re: afoodyear

                I don't know. Google's telling me all kinds of things: surimi, pollock, skate, shark...

                1. re: jptimbaud

                  My guess would be surimi. Inexpensive fish, finely ground, mixed with starch, sugar, salt, and scallop flavor, then steamed. I hear they bounce.

                  1. re: rcianci

                    I'm curious now. Next time I'm there I'll ask if they're real or not.

          2. It isnt a salad bar but you see them make the salad in front of you and you can choose the ingredients: letuce to go(its a chain there are quite a few downtown) and there is another I forget the name but its something like chop chop

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            1. re: kpaxonite

              Names to help the OP search

              laitue et go (locations at pvm and cathedrale)
              chop crazy (locations at simon's and gare centrale)

              1. re: westaust

                Not a salad bar... but Juliet et Chocolat has decent meal sized salads.

                I took my little sister last night for dessert crepes and chocolates and ended up ordering a fairly good salad with asparagus, corn, cheese crisps and some sort of crispy bread webbed over the top. It was pretty good, though not amazing or anything but surely better than Le Commensal! I think Le Jardin Nelson also makes some pretty good meal salads if memory serves, but I'm not a huge fan of the food there so it's been years since I've been (except for a decent breakfrast/brunch last summer)