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Mar 8, 2010 05:48 PM

Any new places good in gainesville?

Tried all the old favorites and are tired of them or they have lost their luster.
Mildred's, Emiliano's, Amelia's have all gone down hill. Dragonfly continues to please. Back in town this month and looking for new and impressive

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  1. There are a number of newish places in Gainesville that are worth a try.

    My favorite among them is The Warehouse, which is on south Main Street at about 6th Avenue. It's right where Main Street is torn up (they tore up the road just as the restaurant opened and it's been about two months now), so you have to detour to find it. It is in a converted auto parts warehouse, and it's got a terrific and reasonably priced menu. I recommend the corn cakes...mmmm! They have a lounge in the back that opens later, and I imagine it will become a favorite spot when students return in the fall.

    Civilization is another new and yummy place. It's on NW 2nd Street, just south of NW 16th Avenue. The owners also own Terra Nova catering, which has long been a favorite of mine. I had the portobella stroganoff when I was there, and it was fabulous.

    The Jones Eastside is on NE 23rd, just east of Main Street. It's a very small, casual, and kind of funky place. They have fresh, local items, and the cook is quite talented. Lots of veggie options.

    Fresco is a nice little Italian place near Dragonfly's take-out place at Archer and 34th.

    Ti Amo is a good tapas place in the building where the Sovereign used to be.

    Mario's is a tiny bistro in Thornebrook, behind Fresh Market. The original Mario sold the place, but the new owner has kept it up pretty well.

    Paramount has been around awhile, but it has retained it's quality and is still probably the best place in town to eat.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there are others.

    1. Miguel's Vintage Room is one of the top restaurants not around a long time. That is on Main street just south of University. I think they still have happy hour specials so you can try them out a little cheaper.

      706 is good but been there a while. the Chop House has reopened on exit 390 in Gville and considered a top spot for steaks.

      Mildred's may have gone down for whatever reason you think but I have continuously gotten the most cordial service every time I have gone. I have never been in love with the menu but the atmosphere and friendly, attentive staff have always brought me back.