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Mar 8, 2010 04:32 PM

Hows North Hollywood

Sad news Hows on Lankershim in NH is closing shortly. The store is half empty and
everything on hand is being sold off at 30% off. Had a few interesting upper end wines
still on hand such as Cloudy Bay NZ Sav Blanc. I'm hoping this will not affect their other stores. .

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  1. I would drive there from Silver Lake but it was never busy like the Pasadena one or the Torrance one. I hope they open in Silver Lake or buy the property of the old Cordons / Gordons on Hollywood Blvd, level the building and start fresh, pretty big property. Not sure how it would do with the local Armenian & Russian market as far as prices but they always have great quality and fair prices. You know maybe that location is not right for them.

    1. this sale has been going on for about 6 weeks now, and the selection two weeks ago was bad at best.
      rumor has it that Fresh & sleazy will be its replacement.
      This store really never got off the ground as the population density in the area was never sufficient to support the store, but I still wish I had the old Hughes Market at Ventura & Coldwater open for business. It was a class act, as is its successor, HOWS, which is still trying to find its way, locationally, etc.

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        I first learned about Hows on Chowhound and have been going to the location on Balboa
        in Granada Hills mainly for the top notch beef. Every Christmas we buy the standing rib
        roast and we regularily buy what they call Chateaubriad and sometimes NY steaks
        and tri tip. Even Whole Foods can make a go in a really bad location. Bristol Farms
        closed their location on Topanga in ten minutes years ago. I recently learned a new
        Arizona based whole foods like company called Sprouts is moving into this area. The
        former buyer of wine at Hows NH Bill was very knowlegeable and put in some gems
        even if they were a little obscure such as the Wilkes Pinot Blanc from Bien Nacido
        Vineyard. Today they still had 3 cases on the floor but no could tell me the price. I sure
        its well under $10

        1. re: carter

          Carter-Why don't you like F&E? I am curious.

          1. re: carter

            Given what a disaster the location and mall layout were for How's, Fresh & Easy would have to be pretty stupid to move in there.

            Which doesn't mean they won't.

          2. I think it's amazing they're still open, they announced the closing after New Year's and at the time they were saying they'd be closed in two weeks:


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            1. re: maxzook

              Maybe it's one of those "soft closings" ...

              1. re: ipsedixit

                Ha. I suspect the irony is that they don't have anywhere to transfer the stock that's sitting on the shelves, but they can't get rid of it for the same reason the place is closing: not enough people know the store is there.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Alright I'm laughing and crying. How's was my neighborhood grocer, and I would walk there. It's a big drag for me that they are closing. They, like many places just opened at a bad time in the economy and my little NoHo neighbors are not so well off to shop at a place like How's during these tough times.

                  We have a ton of foreclosures and stalled development like so many other places, and the neighborhood isn't the same as it was before the real estate crash. It still has potential, but a How's market in a neighborhood that has empty condos/apartments right next door, and homeless people drinking 40's from paper bags on the sidewalks didn't seem reasonable. I'll miss it, and it depresses me to shop there now for clearance items. That of course didn't stop me from picking up some booze. What is Fresh and Easy? Is that bad?

                  1. re: streetgourmetla

                    Regarding F&E-I found an old post and video to share. Maybe it will give you an idea of the place. As I have said before..It's not TJ's. I would not drive more than 5 miles to go there. I myself find F&E very useful. Thats why I was wondering why Carter disliked it.


                    1. re: streetgourmetla

                      I could walk there, too, but I'm lazy. It was open for over a year before I figured out where the doors were, not precisely the best business plan. They could have had drop-in customers from the Metro or Arts District if anyone could see more than blank walls from the street.

                      Shame about all the empty condos. Must have made some developers rich, if not the investors. Spoiled the view of the mountains to the south, too.