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Mar 8, 2010 03:45 PM

What are the Best Craft Beer bars in the LA area

Craft/Better beer with good food.Thanks

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  1. If you want decent food with it as well, a few of the more widely agreed upon options are Father's Office, Rustic Canyon and Golden State.

    If you don't need food with it, Surly Goat and Blue Palm have nice selections.

    If you're interested in German and Belgian beers, Wurstk├╝che is a solid place to spend an evening as well (though they do have some U.S. craft beers as well, if I remember correctly).

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    1. re: noahbites

      Great recommendations. :) I second what noahbites said. :)

      1. re: noahbites

        re: Rustic Canyon

        I don't mind paying for good food or drink, but $6 for a 12oz as the cheapest option??? Please...

        Go to the Blue Palms and enjoy all the great beers!!

        We also like the Library Alehouse in Santa Monica...

      2. Golden State on Fairfax. They have great beers (check out the specials which frequently rotate), plus a near-perfect cheeseburger. And they have scoops gelato!

        1. Wurstkuche has to be near the top of the list. St Bernardus 12 is one of the best Belgian strong ales, and they have it on draft. Their Belgian and German selections are excellent. I think the french fries are the best in Los Angeles and I'm a sucker for the vegetarian sausages.

          1. If you're looking for the best selection of craft beer, Blue Palms and Verdugo top the list, with Blue Palms being my favorite because their food is underrated for the price. Verdugo doesn't serve food, but the taps and vibe are great.

            Everyplace else mentioned already is fantastic for a food/beer combo. Also, if you're a real beer nut like me, making a trip down to Redondo Beach dive bar Naja's is spectacular. About 80 taps and most of them are well selected craft/import.

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            1. re: SaltCod

              The Verdugo does have one of the best craft beer selections in town.
              As for food they have various food trucks serve in the parking lot on the weekends starting about 3 pm.

              Also they welcome you to bring in food and eat in the back patio anytime.
              There is a good taco truck within walking distance.

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                Hi SaltCod,

                Love Blue Palms for their excellent Beer selection. What do you recommend for food? Thanks.

                1. re: exilekiss

                  I think the pulled pork nachos hit the spot :). There's nothing revelatory about the food, but it's reasonably priced and surprisingly good.

                  1. re: exilekiss

                    Hi EK,

                    The Chicken Scallopini covered in porcini mushrooms and blueberries is great. The "Burger #2" with short ribs is tasty. The Buffalo Dip appetizer is impossibly rich, but great to share. I also like the understated fish and chips and the cheese plate is a steal at 9 bucks. The owner Brian used to work at a steakhouse and I think they do a solid filet too. A little salty, but then, beer, beer. :)

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                      I agree on the "Burger #2" at Blue Palms Brewhouse. It's a good solid burger! Other sandwiches pretty good too. 25-cent wing special is great for munching. I go to BP for the specialty ales that they sometimes have but food is darned tasty too!

                      Blue Palms Brew House
                      6124 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

                2. If you are ever up in the wilds of Pasadena or Sierra Madre then you should plan on dropping in at Lucky Baldwin's. Food is not the driver here (although the fish and chips are actually pretty good) but the beer selection is pretty amazing:

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                    Has anyone checked out the new place in Pasadena, Quadrupels?