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Mar 8, 2010 03:01 PM

Looking for a place with good food and live music in the 6th street area

We're Houstonians and we're heading up to Austin for a weekend away. We'll be staying in Lakeway and heading into Austin Saturday night. We're looking for a place with good food (preferably Mexican, BBQ, or a steak house of sorts) and live music. If any of you know Houston think Last Concert Cafe, The Continental Club or the House of Blues.

On that note, has anyone been to The Austin Continental Club? How is the food there?

We're up for any kind of suggestions. If you know of a good restaurant near a good live music venue we would love to hear that also. I'm ready for a good hot meal that I don't have to cook and that will be well worth my money. I cook a killer steak and am always disappointed with restaurant steaks. Why pay $20+ dollars when my steaks at home are $20 for 3 ribeyes, cooked rare (and properly at that) and delicious? HA.

Thanks in advance, Austinites!

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  1. If I go downtown to see bands, it's usually to pretty grungy places, and I almost never eat downtown, so I'll just note that the Continental does not serve food that I'm aware of. But it might be a winning plan to go to a place on South Congress to eat and walk to the Continental -- they also have an upstairs space (the Gallery) that tends to book more laid-back, jazzy stuff and is a little more mellow than the main room, which can get pretty packed and crazy (not necessarily a bad thing). We're entering SXSW pandemonium time so staying out of downtown might be a good move, though South Congress will be plenty crazy as well.

    I would be surprised if there's a place with BOTH good food and good music, but I'm pretty picky about music.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't realized SXSW was this weekend... drat. Hmm what is on South Congress? I've only been in that area a few times and it wasn't for adult time. I've got 3 kids and this is our first trip away in awhile, so we are dying for some good live music & food I don't have to cook. Thanks, man.

      1. re: Ima Baconista

        Well, this weekend is the film and interactive part of SXSW, and the serious madness really hits next weekend with the music. You should be OK this weekend if you already have a place to stay. That said, The Eater is right, there really aren't places that have good food AND good music; it's one or the other. So my advice would be to decide what kind of food you want. There are several great places within walking distance to the music hot spots, so eat and then go listen to music.

        1. re: Bat Guano

          I'm staying in Lakeway and driving into Austin. So I'm good on that front. I wonder if Carolyn Wonderland is playing near any good restaurants... hmmm. Thanks Bat.

          1. re: Bat Guano

            Actually I think this is the first year Film/Interactive will be BIGGER than Music! Interactive attendance was about 11K last year, music was 13K with the bands included. Interactive is up 40% this year whereas music is steady.

            Downtown Austin and a lot of the popular places are going to be a mob scene this weekend. Mostly because places will be booked by networking events/parties with open bars (and sometimes live music). I would call ahead for any venue to make sure they aren't closed for a private party! Parking may also be difficult.

      2. For the most part i concur with The Eater and BG. If the Continental Club has food, it is a new thing, but you could eat at Southside Pizza, or a number of other South congress spots as previously suggested (see below) and walk to the CC.
        One place with good food and music is in the bar at Eddie V's (downtown). Usually more laid back. I've seen people like Abra Moore (who i like) there, that kind of stuff. You'll have to check with them to see who is playing when.
        You won't get a cheap steak here, though, but they have good ones, good seafood primarily.

        Also, for the most part 6th street is where 20 something age kids go. There is music, but mostly cover bands, dance clubs, shot bars, that sort of thing.

        Casino El Camino is at 517 East 6th Street. It's an interesting bar with a good jukebox. It is a dive, to be sure. I don't think live music. I've never had a bad burger there, (truth be told, i've only had 2, Amarillo burgers, but i really like them, but not in a year or so) though some posters have reported that the quality has slipped. Search this board, there is tons of info.
        In the Warehouse district is Antones (5th street), a club that usually has good music, known for blues, primarily. It is historic, SRV got his start here. Many blues legends have played here.
        Check for schedules. Once again, no food there.

        To add just a bit about SXSW, FWIW. During SXSW just about every restaurant, club, barber shop, record store, etc. that has 5 feet of empty floor space will cram some live music in. Many people love this, many stay away because of this.

        Since you asked about South Congress, some spots are:
        Vespaio - Italian fine dining (it has a good bar, if you want to have a drink and some appetizers)
        Enoteca Vespaio - more casual italian (same owners
        )Southside Pizza - good pizza - one of my favorites in town
        Some food trailers in a vacant lot
        Congress Ave Cafe - haven't been, but have heard good things.
        Perla's - Seafood (good but expensive)
        Guero's - Tex Mex
        All these have been exhaustively reviewed on this board.

        There are more, but I either haven't been or can't remember the names.

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        1. re: TroyTempest

          Antones sounds like a good place. I'll search restaurants near there. I've looked through most of these threads and nothings tickled my fancy yet...

          I think we'll aim for South Congress and steer clear of 6th street etc. It is lots of cover bands. I had forgotten it was SXSW... what a drag.

          Thanks so much for all of that. I appreciate it.

          1. re: Ima Baconista

            Sorry if I caused confusion, there are SXSW events going on, but it's film and interactive SXSW - the real craziness (Music SXSW) will be the following weekend.

        2. I have never been to Stubb's but don't they have food and music?

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          1. re: bloody hammer

            Yes, they do have both. You know Stubbs bbq is good... might be a possibility. Not a country music fan though. We shall see. Thanks again!

            1. re: Ima Baconista

              Well, Stubbs bbq is kinda ok (if you need bbq downtown), but if we are talking about tomorrow night they are having a big SXSW function there featuring an indie rock band from NY. Not much country music there, IIRC.

              Did I miss somewhere in this thread that Carolyn Wonderland is actually playing Antone's tomorrow night? Frank is close, as is Cantina Laredo, Hog Island Deli (hours?) Saba, Malaga, and Lambert's. Wait, Congress is close - La Traviata, Manuel's....seems like you could do pretty well!