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Any restaurants that do an especially good job with squid?

Any cuisine, any ethnicity. They just have to prepare squid particularly well. San Francisco or nearby preferred.

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  1. Do a "Search this board" search for calamari. This subject has been discussed within the past 3-6 months. Delfina, Yuet Lee and Duarte's (in Pecsadero) have been recommended on past squid/calamari threads.

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    1. Pizzaiolo in Oakland sometimes has a great appetizer of it roasted in the wood oven, and sometimes on a pizza. Very good.

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          I love, love, love the squid pizza at Pizzaiola.

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            Only problem with Pizzaiolo is that you never know what will be on the day's menu, so best to check the Web site before going over hungry for squid.


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            Squid pizza is in season right now I think.

          3. I had some of the best squid I've had in a long time at Barbacco the other night.


            1. Delfina (mentioned above) has a great grilled squid on white beans appetizer.

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                Milano (on Pacific in SF) does a nice grilled squid on white beans as well.

              2. Yuet Lee does a really good version of salt and pepper squid. I recommend it highly. Incanto and La Ciccia also have some delicious grilled squid on the menu once in a while.

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                  Yuet Lee's has made my definitive salt and pepper squid for maybe 30 years. Once in a while it will be pedestrian, I don't know if that's due to a chef change or whatever. I think last time I was there it was spot on.

                2. The grilled squid I had a Contigo was memorable. Outstanding. But I don't see it on their current menu.

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                    I agree -- had it in mid February, and it was the only thing we ate that evening that was memorable.

                    I also particularly like the grilled squid at Coco500 when it's on the menu.

                  2. One of my favorites was a stuffed grilled squid appetizer at Oliveto. They tend to always do a good job with squid when on the menu, either as appetizers or pastas (also squid ink!). Also, I like the grilled squid with pesto and beans at Sea Salt.

                    1. Boca Steakhouse in Ignacio (Novato) has excellent fried calamari appetizer. Generous serving and reasonably priced...with good aoli. Many places overcook, or cook in lukewarm oil. There are a few secrets that make some places stand out.

                      1. Frances has an outstanding grilled calamari appetizer. The squid we had there had a perfect texture, tender with just a little bit of bounce.

                        I also like the seafood salad at La Ciccia, which contains a lot of squid, plus mussels and other seafood, in a lemon and olive oil dressing. Simple, but very satisfying. I always feel like I'm in Italy when I have that salad.

                        1. I had a good fried calamari appetizer not too long ago at Tommaso's. It was served with a small bowl of their warm marinara sauce, very old-school and very tasty.

                          1. Osteria Stellina has an AMAZING braised octopus soup, which, while it's not squid, is similar

                            1. Coco 500 has an excellent grilled squid dish! Super tender, fresh, a little olive oil, black olives and citrus.